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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Poetry of Dissection

Buongiorno everybody!

Here I am, back in Italy for a little while before starting the travelling routine I have planned for this summer.
I must say that I'm quite shocked about the weather I found when I arrived in Milan two days ago.
In fact if I left the sun shining in Dublin and the lovely heat which was warming up the bus on my way to the airport, here I found rain (a lot of it) and believe it or not that kind of cold humidity which penetrates your bones and which doesn't seem to intend to go away before the end of June.
I swear, landing in Milan I thought I had taken a flight for Glasgow instead for how the landscape above me looked like, and I really didn't know what to say to the Australian girl sitting next to me who exclaimed: "Wow! It's so green! Almost like Ireland!".
What a shame for our sunny Italy!

But anyway, I cannot wait to get going on my travels: the first stop will be Turkey where I'll go in ten days with my friend Camilla...

Of course, I'll keep you updated about my moves but today I'm going to show you something that I think a lot of you my readers where waiting for:
do you remember about the photo shoot we had with Tiberio Ventura or Maria Lola Roche's fashion collection "poetry of Dissection" some weeks ago?
Well, Tiberio already completed the editing of some of the pictures which I'm sharing with you today.

When I first saw them I thought they were absolutely DEADLY!
What do you think?
I'll be very curious to know your opinion so don't be afraid to message me, I'm sure it'd be helpful for all of us in the team!

Waiting for your feed backs, 
enjoy the day!

And of course, stay tuned! 

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