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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Here we go with another snap of the past days, which have been so eventful that I for sure couldn't fit everything in one photo collage, but I promise I will be back soon with more updates and news on the project I'm being involved in and that are making me super excited!

The summer is approaching, the horrible Irish cold is (ALMOST) gone and the sun in coming out quite often so that our mood goes super happy!
Wish me luck for this week and the exams, I cannot wait to have all the time to properly follow and update my beloved blog!

Love you all!

Some more designs among all the study time,

Taking pictures for my photo journalism spread,

A night out with Ciara who came from Galaway to remind us about how great it was to have her in Dublin last year!

My favorite among my little cousins: Antonio and Caterina, the last born!

A Cherry tree that Chiara, Sophie and I spotted one day going back to college and which blew our minds...

Stay tuned!

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