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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Stone Dust...

Buongiorno everybody!

This morning I feel very energetic despite the tiring week I have on my shoulders.
Maybe it's because yesterday I had my first exam which was also the most hated among the two I had to prepare and it went quite well,
I really couldn't wait for this moment to come as I really wouldn't be able to stand one moor week studying these notes and repeating these topics.
And now here we go, just one more exam separates me from the summer and the holidays!

I'm really looking forward for this summer even if I have so many plans up in the air that I am still not sure about what I am going to do... except the fact that I am going to be in Turkey for my birthday, which makes me super happy both for the fact that I always wanted to go there and also because I will be with two of my super favourites buddies: Camilla who is coming back from USA for the summer and Alice who is now living in Turkey attending her Erasmus...

Apart from that, there are so many things I want to do that I should think about the summer as a puzzle and my plans as its dowels to which I have to find a place in order to match with the other ones.

Oh well, I will somehow manage as usual, but for now I should just think about studying again and getting rid of this second exam so that I can actually begin to think freely.
Actually, free thoughts will officially begin after I'll have all my stuff packed to go home, which makes me so scared as usual.

Anyway, as you can probably notice by reading this post, there's a bit of a mess in my mind at the moment, as usual when I feel like I am about to jump into a very eventful period.
That's could also be an excuse for the fact that I've been disregarding my beloved blog so much recently...
I have so many things to show you so get ready for a storm of posts as soon as I'll have the time to put them down properly...

Today I just want to give you a snap of one of the things I've been doing in the past weeks.
Some of you may think: "Oh no, not snaps not again!" but wait a minute!
I'll call this snap for two main reasons: what I am showing you are pictures, and in the actual photographic definition these kind of photographs are called snaps as they portray something real and in  a particular time period.
So, by calling these snap shots I am not being repetitive by proposing my usual "snapshots of the week" just taking myself out of them but I am actually trying to be eloquent and talk definitions...
Annoying? Well, all that study HAD to bring me somewhere so please be patient!

The pictures I am going to post today have been taken with a 35mm manual camera, which I decided to use to shoot my photo journalistic project: a spread about a topic of our choice.
I decided to do it about a street in Dublin, Exchequer Street, which is probably one of the most elegant ones in town, full of nice shops and restaurants.
But at the same time, what I love the most about this street is that there is a nice balance between the super sparkling luxurious lights  of the famous brands and expensive shops and some of the very old and little ones that you almost don't notice among all that star dust been throned around...

These small shops are the ones you may think struggle the most during the crisis, but at the end of the day, they have been there forever, while all the other flashy ones are coming and going all the time.
They are not made out of sparkling star dust, but some of them go as well, occasionally.
They are much more similar to stone dust.

Let's see if you have never notice them...


At the very beginning of the street, I probably pass by it at least once a day but believe it or not: I have ever noticed it before going for the research for the spread.
Entering it feels like getting into another world made of heroes and puppets, and they are being taken very seriously...


Even if it's the kind of shop you are going to notice almost for sure, the gorgeous shop of bridal gowns owned by Kathy since a long time ago is probably not the place you would get in to take a look around on an average day, as long as you don't have something in mind...
Which is a pity as the ladies inside are some of the loveliest shop assistants I've ever had a chat with and they are so much fun as well!
The dresses and accessories they sell, then, are just something else.
This shop, with it's look and furniture, all white and pearly, with huge changing rooms made thinking about the big dresses they have to fit, it's just everything that a bride to be would dream for her special shopping.
More, it's everything that any girl would secretly dream thinking about shopping for a very particular occasion.
It's a white, gorgeous, super cozy paradise...


This restaurant is probably one of my favourite places in the whole Dublin.

Not only because they have lovely food and one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten, but because the stall is lovely and very funny as well 

and because of this unique atmosphere which you don't really catch until you get inside.
It comes a little hidden, the Boulevard Cafe, among all the other restaurants and pastry shops in the street, but as soon as you get inside, you cannot help but fall in love with the place.
It has something unique, and if you go there for lunch in a sunny day and sit in the street, you may stay there for hours chatting with your friends and eating without even realising that time is passing and forgetting about everything else and the world which is still moving outside the window...
Until you see James Vincent McMorrow normally walking on the other side of the street, his headphones on...
True story!


Another shop whose existence I had no idea of until I went up to the little staircase which goes to the main door of the actual shop which is located in a very old and beautiful building.
And yet again, when you get inside it's a WOW!
Guitars and all the equipment a musician could possibly dream of, people playing inside or trying the instruments, it's not strange to find out that they sponsor most of the musical events around Dublin.
Who knows how many times, listening to gigs in Sweeny's o Wheelan's I've seen their logo without even realising what was it about!
For sure, from now on I'll recognise it if I see it...


It's probably one of the oldest ones in the street and in the entire town.
Originally in King's street, it moved to Exchequer at the mid of last century and it's still here.
Of course, the crisis is affecting its activity a little bit because people do not think about flowers as one of their prerogatives in these times...
But still, relying on big events and somehow making the most of it they still survive, bringing color and happiness to the whole street with their beautiful compositions...
They have also been mentioned in the Irish Times after being featured in Rose Doyle's book "Trade Names: Traditional Treaders and Shop Keepers in Dublin", which is very well deserved and will make them remain in the history as one of the long lasting, historical shops of the city centre.

I must say that despite being very scared of using the 35mm manual camera after such a long time relying on digital semi-automatic, I was pretty happy with the result.
More over, the exquisite quality of the pictures and the emotion of going back to John Gun's shop to get my pictures reminded me of how much I love film camera...
Many ideas coming up! 
But for now I hope you enjoyed this little snap of Dublin city in one of its most beautiful corners...

Stay tuned!

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