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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Beautiful walking assignments...

What a week everybody!

But not just because it's my last one in Dublin before going back home for the summer...
In fact, after an entire year spent working on our pictures, videos, garments, our college celebrates us students with the so called "Creative Week", during which we get the possibility to show our portfolios but also be featured in shows, screenings and exhibitions...

Sounds amazing?
Well, it is! And even if everybody is very nervous and super busy organising everything, this very last effort before taking some time off is so worth.
Tonight I am so looking forward for Tiberio's photographic exhibitions which I will keep you updated about, but today I'm going to show you some snaps from the Griffith College Fashion Show 2013 we went yesterday night.

I wanted to go to that show since the beginning of the year as I have some friends in the Fashion faculty and I just couldn't wait to see their finished work.
Also because last year the College Fashion Show was the exact same evening of the Om Diva fashion show in the attic in Drury Street and of course I had to take part to that, therefor I missed seeing last year's collections from the students...

But when I started asking if it was possible to get a ticket for this year's show, everybody told me that it would have been much harder as it wasn't going to take place in the auditorium anymore but in the actual fashion lab as they meant to make it a much smaller and exclusive event to which they invited the press, photographers etc...

I had almost lost my hopes when Tiberio told me, some days ago, that Maria might have been able to sneak us in or provide a ticket for us.
I was so happy about it and I couldn't wait, even if it was not sure, just the idea made me so enthusiast!

So yesterday evening at around 6 we popped in the Reception of the College which is just in front of the fashion lab, already embellished and ready for the Runway show, and met Maria's manager who gave us a ticket.
The excitement was palpable, as all the families and the students themselves were running around and trying to get everything ready in time.
Luckily, there happened to be an extra seat for me and that's how Tiberio and I ended up sitting down in the lab, among the parents and friends and also journalists and press members who gathered in that small but beautiful room to see the work of these young talented ladies...

The show was also being screened in the big screen outside of the room, live, so if someone hadn't made it inside, they would have been able to watch the show from a even better angle just being out in the Reception.

I must say, I was very impressed from the pieces which walked down the runway.
The show was divided into three parts, each one corresponding to the students of each year of the course.
First year students had just one garment showed, 

second year ones had two 

and the final year had their entire six pieces collection walking down the runway.

In between the second and the third year pieces, before the grand finale, the specialists' collection was showed, which impressed me because of the great crafty textiles that they have created for their garments.
Some of them were so new, so different that they really made me wish I could have a closer look or even touch them to find out how did they make them...

The how factor is a pretty big one, because these girls really didn't pull back in terms of structure and construction of their pieces...
Not at all, they pushed it so hard and the result were extremely well made pieces, whose lines and seams looked just perfect.
That is quite understandable from a third year fashion student, but I was astonished of how good and sometimes complicated were the creations of first year ones: among them there were some of my absolute favourite.

But as I said, what made me the happiest was seeing my friend's creations.
The result of a year of super hard work and commitment, which was very well repaid from the great feeling of showing something they were 100% proud of.
Linn Hatleid for example, who is my absolute favourite with her strong style, great constructions and practical ideas that make her garments haute couture but absolute ready to wear at the same time: every designer's goal basically, and she is just at her first year. 

At the end of the show, she was assigned one of the four Internship awards that were up for grabs for the fashion students this year and I must say: I cannot think of anyone else deserving it more than her!

But also Maria Roche, whose pieces I finally saw walking down the runway and they looked just as amazing as I thought they would.
They were absolutely fantastic, especially her magical fur coat and the old style dress with the structured skirt.

Strange but true: even if I had already spent and entire day doing nothing but looking at these pieces, seeing them again didn't take off the surprise and excitement I felt the very first time I had seen them.
I guess they'll have that surprise effect about them which will make me say "wow!" every time I'll see them, just as if it was the very first time.

Shouts also to Giovanna Bursa, who I didn't know before yesterday and whose creations I hadn't seen before, but who I thought was one of the most talented ones among the designers.

Her use of contrasting fabrics and particular colours I did really like and I think the presenter of the show did too as she was wearing one of her pieces.

After the show, the speech made by the President of Griffith College and the awards being assigned to the girls who proudly walked down the runway accompanied by one of their models, 

we all gathered in Arthur's bar for refreshments 

and a bit of music and chat.

The atmosphere was still filled with excitement, but at the same time we all could feel as the girls were normally breathing at that point after such a long time holding their breath because of the huge amount of work they had to do until the very last minute.

It was such a nice evening, and I was so happy to get to meet some of the girls' families as well.
It was so lovely to see how proud their parents are of them, and how supportive they are toward their work and talent.
That's probably a great help for them too.
Now they'll have some very well deserved rest, but some of them already told me that they cannot wait to come back in September and dig in, learn more, do more, create more...
Sounds crazy right after their final show?
Well, not so much to me, as this is the call of passion and even if we do sometimes, passion and talent never go on holiday...

Congratulations to all of you talented ladies!
I cannot wait to see everybody's new collections!

Stay tuned!

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