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Monday, 20 May 2013

A day with Maria's

Hello my dearest ones!

I am just back from one of the most intense trips I've ever done.
In fact, three days ago Penelope (my flat mate), Antoine, Clemence, Tibault and I went up to Northern Ireland to visit Belfast and some other places around there.
Of course, I will update you with pictures of the trip and chronics about what we did and were we went, also because I have a little idea about how to use some of these pictures I've taken which I will try to develop in the next days...

For now I'll just tell you that we had a lot of fun and because it was so eventful I feel like we've been away for so long and we've built so many memories which I will keep with me next year when my friends will be back in Paris...

But today, or maybe I should say tonight as even if  love my blog I couldn't sit down before showering when I got home, I want to give you a chronicle of something else which I hope is going to blow your minds as it did with mine.
Before leaving for the trip, I've been working with my friend Tiberio as his assistant during a photo shoot he was taking pictures for.

It was something absolutely special: the final fashion photo shoot of Maria Roche'

very talented fashion designer who is graduating this year from Griffith College, despite being already an awarded designer as she won the UCD Young Designer of the Year 2012 award, and ready to rock the scene once she will be out of College...

We already had a test shooting almost a week before the actual shoot, where I could see some of her creations from the collection she made last years and with which I completely fell in love.

But when I saw the pieces she selected from her latest collection for this shooting I couldn't help but being astonished of how good she is, first of all, but also of how much her style reproduces what is my ideal of couture.
Loads of black and white with some strategical colour hints,
clean lines,
She has got it all and she is not afraid of the critics of the ones who doesn't like her style, which I really admire about her, as it means that she has her identity clear in her mind: a basic ingredient for a good designer.

The day of the shooting started quite early, as I met Tiberio in the Studio at 8.15, just to set up the back ground that Maria had painted on a smaller format and then got printed and made into a giant panel.
She also painted the bottom part of the stage, which was made of a very nice rough material on which she painted a big black star.

The final result of the stage all ready was so simple and yet very cool and somehow perfectly coherent with the style of the clothes...

The hair dresser, professionals who came from the midland to attend Maria's photo shoot ( and the wonderful make up artist who made me wonder if she herself was the model, Blue Evans, were the first ones who came to the set after Tiberio and me, 

and who waited for a while to get started as the model, Irish Top Model Rasma Dzene ( of Assets Model Agency got stuck into traffic, making all of us nervous as we thought we were going to have to deal with a diva, which she was so not.

Nice and fresh, she came in her casual clothes and no make up at all, but after some minutes of preparation from the two magic women en charged to take care of her following the suggestions of Maria about style and colours,

 they turned her into an incredible creature, so beautiful that you could have made her up in some kind of game trying to reach for perfection.

Also, Maria creations seemed to be made for her, as everybody was astonished of how goof the fit and the entire look was on her when she came out with the first piece to be photographed.

Another prove of the fact that she was really the one to wear these kind of fashion creations which could actually be quite tricky 

was the fact that any times during the shooting we seemed to be a little stuck, talking about poses and angles, and by just moving her hand, slightly turning or doing something else she blew us away and became absolutely perfect, with all of us screaming and laughing like kids in a candy shop: "Don't move! Don't move! Stay like that!".

Believe it or not, the shooting lasted almost ten hours.
But what was crazy was that we almost never paused, just because all of us couldn't  wait to see the next creation coming out of the changing room...

Each one was looked better than the previous, as Maria's collection really is a great example of couture.
So creative and original, but cool in a kind of dark and rebel way at the same time, 

while looking at Rasma being photographer by Tiberio I imagine how it would be to see these pieces going down the runway, which will happen very soon at the Griffith's final fashion show: magical.

Also, the great job that came out of the shooting in form of pictures was due to the great team which participated to it.

The hair stylist, Vanessa, was such a perfectionist, always ready to fix even the smaller rebel hair which was not where she wanted it to be.
Blue, the make up artist who was the absolute best one I've seen at work (and believe me, I've seen quite a few now...): she transformed Rasma but without over-doing her look.
Her skin being so great and her eyes being so gorgeous and expressive, the model was a good base canvas where to start from, but if there is something I've learner attending fashion photo shoots during all the course of the past year is that a make up artist can really make it or break it.
And she made it, definitely.

Tiberio, last but not least, was then the structure who kept everyone together: the photographer.
He is a very good one indeed, and even if he usually doesn't define himself as a fashion photographer and even if I myself imagine him with his camera wondering around and building controversial documentaries much more than in a studio, I think that because of his "different" touch he will have to reconsider himself in the fashion environment...

Because he is used to look at something different than a model posing in a studio, he has that eye which makes it look different even when he actually is shooting fashion, which means that the shooting itself carries that very particular vibe that makes the pieces, the photos and the identities involved, photographer and designer mainly, very recognisable and, most important: unique.

I have to say, even if it has been a very eventful year during which I've been lucky enough to attend a good few photo shoots, especially fashion which are the ones I prefer also because of the atmosphere that is usually involved,
I really think this one was the best.
Or at least my absolute favourite.
I really felt like I was close enough to the job I'd like to do one day, as this shooting gave me everything that I'd like my job to give me: being in a creative environment surrounded by great people, great professionals I should say, and having the feeling of being creating something special...ART.

Shouts to Maria, the amazing designer whose work and sleepless nights made all this possible, 
but also to the entire team, a group of fantastic people who will probably work together again as they just clicked in the perfect way, creating a fun working environment without compromising the high quality of the work.

A great, long day and the perfect conclusion of this semester and college year.
At the moment despite being quite excited about holidays and the summer, I cannot wait to start a new one which will hopefully be even better, thanks to everything we have been achieving so far!

(Maria Roche with her model Rasma Dzene)

(Gorgeous Rasma and me)

And you, of course, as usual: 
Stay tuned!

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