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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Vacanze Romane...

Hello everybody!

Here I am, back after some days spent in Rome to celebrate Easter with my mum and some friends.
Of course, the city never fails welcoming me with its stunning beauty and warm temperature, although the rain which is so unusual there seemed to be following me from Dublin.
Oh well, at least it was not snow, and sitting down in front of a warm pizza made everything just right.

Of course, during my time there I've been taking pictures all around.
But not being a tourist today I'd like to show you something slightly different from the usual photographs of the monuments:
I'd like to tell you a different story...

A story about a place where you feel observed wherever you go, 

maybe because there is just too much history going on, maybe because the monuments with their faces and their hidden eyes are approaching everywhere, suddenly appearing from behind a corner, 

another building, a tree...

A place where you can admire some of the most beautiful things you are ever going to see, both indoor

and outdoor.

But it seems like for everything beautiful we see, something ugly appears right next to it, giving to this city a melancholic feeling of something which is lowly decaying, but whose beauty will be undeniable forever...

A place whose natives appear to be confused: about what is actually their culture and the should feel in their bones and what is just a stereotype they have to embrace in order to survive, or just to have the feeling they belong to something.

But it's also true that there is still something the won't ever go down to compromise about...

Because even if their country really is a big dis functional mess 

and even if their are constantly fighting between their strong habits and the fascination for something different

and in some way desperately trying to open up to the world outside as well 

Italians still are a beautiful race

And they are still able to love and enjoy everything about their capital, their city, this incredible gift that they can call as their own just for a matter of fate and of which they'll be proud until they'll die, wherever they'll go and whatever gorgeous place they'll get to see...

A city which is much more than what you can actually see about it...
Which could sound as the biggest paradox ever if you think of how much there is to actually see and which shocks you the first time you get to see it.
But the truth is that Rome is a city made of hidden terraces, 
angles, little streets and views that you will be able to spot and appreciate only after being there more than one time...
Or for a quite long period of time, because the fascination for the first impression has to leave place to the curiosity to see over what the crowd sees...

This is a place where everyone wants to come, at least once in their life.
That's why I feel so lucky to have had the chance to be here plenty of times already...

It's like every one who comes to Rome is trying to get a piece of it.
They photograph, they film, they sometimes forget to look and feel what this big, alive scenario is supposed to communicate...

But sometimes, looking around yourself in the crowd, you may spot something who seems to really understand what he's looking at.
And reflect, because that's what you should do in front of all that beauty.

Sometimes I think that us Italians have a slightly strong perception of it, maybe just because we are used to it.
We are born and raised surrounded by beauty, and that's why what I like to do is looking at the other people's reactions to it.
It's incredible how much they reveal about a different country, but also about single human beings as well.

Because in the end, it's all about sensibility: how much of it is included in your package and how much you are able to control it.
But also, how much you choose to let it free.
I never control, and that's why every time I come to Rome, to Italy in general, I get moved by looking around myself, and deeply inside I know that wherever I'll go, I'll never find a place which carries the same amount of magic.

I hope you enjoyed this little tale about a wonderland that traps the heart of the ones who get to see it, making them remember about it forever, and forever want to come back...

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