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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Ladies a Gentlemen,

After three months of classes,
four weeks of editing,
three days of shooting, 
hours and hours carrying some very heavy equipment all around Dublin 

...and an uncountable amount of time spent thinking, talking and dreaming about it: here's my documentary!

It's my very first experience as Director, Editor and Producer of a Short Documentary Film and even if I had to do it because of one of my modules in college (Video Production1), I really feel that it's just the beginning of a much wider story between Video and me, just because I enjoyed it way too much to confine this to a one-semester experience.

Maybe, it will be the beginning of something which will rapidly become a part of my every day life, just as it happened with my blog.

Maybe it will be something that I actually do not so often as it's definitely time consuming, especially if you want to do it in a good way.
In fact, it is so not just about going out with a camera and shoot some nice stuff.

It all start with the main idea, followed by a very careful planning which should take into consideration the accessibility of the topic and all the other factors regarding the development of the idea itself.
After planning, you should be able to actually see if the idea could be put into practise or it's just bound to remain in your dreams and wishes...

The planning also helps when you go out and get started with the footage, because it enables you to create in your mind a sort of "preview" of what you'd like the final result to be.
That could be tricky, especially doing Documentary, as the things you imagine might be very different from the ones you are going to have in front of the camera.
But at the same time it makes you more confident about what you want and helps you set up your standard.
The higher, the better, of course...

After getting my idea, falling in love with it, approaching my protagonist, plan where and how I was going to get the footage and finally going out and film despite the rain and a very unexpected snow storm, I thought that the biggest was already done.
Imagining myself in the studio, in front of a ginormous Mac screen, editing my video I actually thought: "Sounds pretty cozy!".
But no, hell no!
Final Cut pro is not a game, the studio is not my living room and the computer (even if super cool) is not a fire place.
Editing is hard.
Or better, is hard the very first time you approach the program and learn the various tools and their function.

As our lecturers told us, there is always something to learn, but when you are at the beginning and you have to actually find out  how to do the basic, it gets scary...
That's why it took me so much time, also because I am quite a perfectionist and I had not only high but super high standard for my video to be...

In the end, I must say that I am pretty happy with it.
It was such an intense experience for me that the very last time I watched it before giving it in I cried...
Yes! ME! I did cry like a kid in front of my work!

But they were not tears of stress or desperation, I just got very emotional because as I said, it was a very intense experience for many reasons.
I feel so lucky for all that this idea of doing my project about Dance turned out to teach me.
I went somewhere I would have never gone (The College Of Dance), I found myself in surreal situations that made me feel so incredibly lucky (The snow storm which I filmed from the window of the beautiful studio we were shooting in), but most of all I got the chance to meet some pretty amazing people.

Caitriona, who I already knew and who became a main character when she went with us on the last day of shooting in the Liffey Trust Dance Studio which she recommended as a place where to film the final choreography,

Teresa, my partner who I randomly met on the very first class of Video Production, when our lecturer told us to go out with the camera and shoot randomly around college and we didn't even know how to open the tripod! She suddenly became the best person I could have ever found to help me: always there under the snow, the rain, in the Dart, in the Luas, with no food or eating like pigs after a morning of shooting...
But most of all, she became a friend and now that she is about to go back to Germany after her semester abroad, I cannot wait to see her again! 

But most of all, Alex, my protagonist.
The one that inspired me so much with his positivity when I was following (well, trying to follow...) his dance classes.
The one who is able to make me feel like partying all the night after just 45 minutes of dance even when I have an entire week of college and eight hours of work on my shoulders.
The one who was so nice since the beginning and turned out to be not only an amazing dancer but a truly amazing person...

I really tried to portray even a small part of his talent and personality, but of course all of it couldn't fit in this short amount of time...
I hope that this short movie is going to give you an idea of how he is anyway, 
and that it's going to inspire you just as he inspired me.
Seeing someone so passionate and determined to follow his dream makes me think about everything that is good out there, and it helps to stick with our dreams, 
even if it's sometimes hard, 
even if nothing is for granted,
even when they seem so far away...


And of course, stay tuned!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Weekly snaps!

The Queen's bday which lasted all the week and the great parties...

The surprise box where Chiara hide...

The technical drawings I made for my boss at Carousel: coming up in the next collection! #topsecret

My first package from London: thank you Fran! 

A bit of sunshine brought to Dublin from my sister which looks down from my window... 

Love you all! Stay tuned because I am planning some pretty amazing things for you to see! ;)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Splinters of sleeplessness...

The ultimate fairy tale,

In a place far far away, where there are no blue skies or fields whose grass in green and soft, but where the wood becomes a forest made out of glass.

And it sparkles.

A creature between a fairy and a witch ends up wondering in this land. They told her to follow the shades and splinters to find her way, but she gets lost.

And she is sleepless.

An underground fairy tale which may not be the perfect story to hear before sleeping...

Pictures and main idea: CHIARA PIZZI

Editing and concept: CARLOTTA BUOSI 

I hope you enjoyed and I am very curious to know which one is your favourite?
Have you already heard about this witch? ;)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Snapshots of the week!

Going around Rome with mami on a Vespa...

My new best wish to add to my frogs collection, the Trudy one: love it!

The Helmut Newton Exhibition, one of the best I've ever seen

The FOOD which now I am missing so much!

A random gospel concert we spot in Piazza di Spagna, on the staircase of Trinita' dei Monti

The photo shoot with Alex right before I left

Let's start the Video Editing!

My beloved sister Arianna coming to Dublin and, of course, the parties...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Like a HERO...

Hello everyone!

After coming back to my routine in Dublin and having to face assignments and projects because of the end of the term which is approaching way too fast I had another little breathing moment of pure fun, provided from my sister who spent the last week end here with me!

It was so good to have her around, and even if it was not the first time she came to Dublin, sometimes I felt almost surreal looking at her in the places where I usually go where I am her and not home...

We had a great time, indeed, also because of the sun which shined all the day every day when she was here... I seriously thought she might have brought it from Italy with her...

Because she stayed just a couple of day it was super intense, and the only moment of the day and night we didn't spend together was when I was working on Saturday, even if she came to the shop to try on half of the stuff and, of course, get her birthday present.

I must say, I am very sad she left, I would have liked her to stay MUCH longer, but for the first time I thanked my business for keeping my mind busy...
As you can imagine, didn't have a moment to post with all this going on, especially yesterday when I actually wanted to but I got stuck in the library for 6 hours (no, I'm not being a drama queen this time: its' true!) to try finish an assignment which I will always remember as the worst one I have ever had to do (yes, this is a little dramatic...).

But today, or I should say tonight, I so want to show you something I did quite a while ago, right before leaving for Rome.

As I told you before, I am shooting my documentary for the class of Video Production at the moment, and you must know it's going to be a profile-style documentary on an amazing person who got my attention and made me curious about him to the point that he became my protagonist: Alex, my dance teacher and professional dancer as well...

I will show you the documentary when it's gonna be finish (which will be soon...), while today I'm showing you some pictures we take during a photo shoot I made with him on the same day we recorder the interview for the video.

We were in the photographic studio, because I wanted it to be nice looking and a little dramatic, almost using a stenographic light which should have remembered about a stage...

But after that, as the studio was booked for three hours, of course I grabbed my favourite Nikon, the D300 and started taking pictures of him.

For some of them I tried to go a little more far with the concept of stage light I wanted to use for the video.
My first idea was to create drama, a performance, which came out so well as Alex is also an actor and he studied performing in The College of Dance...
But to be honest, editing the best pictures of that series, they reminded me so much about another kind of drama from the one we usually see on the stage.
Something more similar to a Greek tragedy, full of emotions and expressivity...

Some kind of mythological drama, where the hero who is the protagonist express his feelings.

Most people know about the heroes of the Greek mythology such as Hercules or Prometheus or Ulysses... they know that they were strong, 

they had to face impossible challenges 

and they were more courageous than every one else...

But what people don't know about them is that they were also total drama queens

which is probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed so much reading about them while studying Ancient Greek literature in high school...

Oh yes, they had the strongest emotions ever, and they for sure were not scared or embarrassed to express them...

...they cried as well...

...a lot

That's maybe why Alex's incredibly expressive face, with the right lightning and his body gave me the feeling while `i was editing the best pictures of the series to be in front of a hero, facing a victory or a defeat, gathering his strength to succeed 

praying to the Gods who were looking at him for the best of luck...

What do you think?

Do you like my new muse?

Don't worry, this is not the last thing you'll see featuring him...

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Vacanze Romane...

Hello everybody!

Here I am, back after some days spent in Rome to celebrate Easter with my mum and some friends.
Of course, the city never fails welcoming me with its stunning beauty and warm temperature, although the rain which is so unusual there seemed to be following me from Dublin.
Oh well, at least it was not snow, and sitting down in front of a warm pizza made everything just right.

Of course, during my time there I've been taking pictures all around.
But not being a tourist today I'd like to show you something slightly different from the usual photographs of the monuments:
I'd like to tell you a different story...

A story about a place where you feel observed wherever you go, 

maybe because there is just too much history going on, maybe because the monuments with their faces and their hidden eyes are approaching everywhere, suddenly appearing from behind a corner, 

another building, a tree...

A place where you can admire some of the most beautiful things you are ever going to see, both indoor

and outdoor.

But it seems like for everything beautiful we see, something ugly appears right next to it, giving to this city a melancholic feeling of something which is lowly decaying, but whose beauty will be undeniable forever...

A place whose natives appear to be confused: about what is actually their culture and the should feel in their bones and what is just a stereotype they have to embrace in order to survive, or just to have the feeling they belong to something.

But it's also true that there is still something the won't ever go down to compromise about...

Because even if their country really is a big dis functional mess 

and even if their are constantly fighting between their strong habits and the fascination for something different

and in some way desperately trying to open up to the world outside as well 

Italians still are a beautiful race

And they are still able to love and enjoy everything about their capital, their city, this incredible gift that they can call as their own just for a matter of fate and of which they'll be proud until they'll die, wherever they'll go and whatever gorgeous place they'll get to see...

A city which is much more than what you can actually see about it...
Which could sound as the biggest paradox ever if you think of how much there is to actually see and which shocks you the first time you get to see it.
But the truth is that Rome is a city made of hidden terraces, 
angles, little streets and views that you will be able to spot and appreciate only after being there more than one time...
Or for a quite long period of time, because the fascination for the first impression has to leave place to the curiosity to see over what the crowd sees...

This is a place where everyone wants to come, at least once in their life.
That's why I feel so lucky to have had the chance to be here plenty of times already...

It's like every one who comes to Rome is trying to get a piece of it.
They photograph, they film, they sometimes forget to look and feel what this big, alive scenario is supposed to communicate...

But sometimes, looking around yourself in the crowd, you may spot something who seems to really understand what he's looking at.
And reflect, because that's what you should do in front of all that beauty.

Sometimes I think that us Italians have a slightly strong perception of it, maybe just because we are used to it.
We are born and raised surrounded by beauty, and that's why what I like to do is looking at the other people's reactions to it.
It's incredible how much they reveal about a different country, but also about single human beings as well.

Because in the end, it's all about sensibility: how much of it is included in your package and how much you are able to control it.
But also, how much you choose to let it free.
I never control, and that's why every time I come to Rome, to Italy in general, I get moved by looking around myself, and deeply inside I know that wherever I'll go, I'll never find a place which carries the same amount of magic.

I hope you enjoyed this little tale about a wonderland that traps the heart of the ones who get to see it, making them remember about it forever, and forever want to come back...