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Monday, 18 March 2013

The green day in the green Island...

Hello everybody!

Another week comes to its end and this was a very special one indeed...

Not only because of something really shocking which happened to me while working on Friday, from which it took a while to recover but after a skype call with my sister Arianna and a flight to Rome booked for the week end of Easter it felt so much better...

But of course because of St. Paddy's week, especially the end of it with St. Paddy's day which was yesterday, that brought to Ireland a massive amount of tourists and habitues who came to our small green island to celebrate its patron and saint.

Of course, every one who was even remotely Irish tried his best to escape from the annoying invasion which crowded the streets of the city with people wearing ridiculous hats and carrying Carrols' bags.
Of course, pretending not to look like tourists at all, despite the big winter jackets and cameras which they probably don't even know how to work out hanging at their neck.

Sadly, because of work and college, even if I was invited to join a trip to Cork and stay at a friend's house for a couple of days, I had to stay in Dublin and manage my best to survive St. Paddy's day.
I went for the house-party strategy, which is embraced by all the remaining Dubliners in town, and some students like me who love this city too much to enjoy it in that state...

That's basically what I did, after joining the parade just for a meaning of tradition and standing in the cold for a ridiculous amount of time, I went from a house party to another, which happened to be very fun, even if not super crazy as this day had been for me last year.

I suspect that at least half of the craziness was missing because my besties Marcelo and Nico were not here, but eventually I had a great time and this morning I didn't felt like dying when I woke up and did the usual walk of shame home...

Anyway, this post had to happened first of all because as you might have noticed, I feel kind of bound to traditions and celebrations.

I do not like them, but I leaned how to handle the pressure they seem to put on everyone's shoulders and work them out in my own way, without ignoring them because deep inside of myself I still respect them.
There must be a reason why these kind of feasts have been going on for so much time, and also they are a way to gather people together with a meaning, which could be surprisingly important.
All right, I am casually skipping the part when every body gets way too drunk and fights start happening around town but as you know I am too much of an aesthete not to see just the beautiful aspects of St. Paddy.

Because of that, I am showing you some pictures that I took yesterday morning at the parade.
They are not spectacular, but some of them happen to represent the real essence of St. Paddy: loads of cameras pointing at the parade, 

a forest of green hats 

which I was able to over come thanks to a strong man who carried me on his shoulders for a while (the parade must not have been lots of fun for him I guess!), and the usual stuff you see walking around Dublin such as lovely little faces...
...just with a bit more magic on them...

...and tracksuits, just a bit more green... everything else in this day.

HAPPY ST. PADDY again to all my beloved readers, in Ireland and all over the world!

And of course, even if you are still trying to win the incredible hangover which is pulsing in your head...

Stay tuned! 



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