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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Magazine material!

Here we are again my dear followers, 

Sunday is almost gone, another week with it and it has been as busy as the previous one and as the next one is going to be...

My agenda is literally running away from me every time I try to pick it up to write down something ELSE I have to do and I see what it's thinking in its little agenda brain: There is no room for other notes and memos, get over it!
But what can I say, the projects in my mind are all going on and eventually there is more coming all the time as I jut cannot stop the ideas I get!

If an idea for a project, a shooting, an article, a collaboration comes into my mind I just cannot ignore it: I have to give it a go, even because most of the time fulfilling my projects ends up being something which does not only make me feel great, but so much fun as well!

That's why also when someone else asks me to help him with something I cannot help it but jump on board and do my best not to let anyone down, because I just feel so happy whenever someone needs my help...

So basically today I am showing you some pictures I've taken last week when my colleagues of the Journalism Stream at College asked me to take some head shots of them to put aside of their articles in the magazine they are creating.

I was blown away and flattered by this request, not only because it gave me the opportunity to go back shooting after quite a while, but because I am super excited for them creating this publication and contributing to it in order to get their mind and their skills ready for their future carriers.
All of them are brilliant at one or more field if Journalism and that's why I'm sure they are going to be super successful...  but of course, you really have to START somewhere, and I hope this Magazine will be their springboard... I cannot start reading it!

Anyway, going back to the pictures, when they told me what they were for, I immediately knew that a regular head shot was not going to be enough: it would have been way too boring to see just a passport-type of picture close to their writing, so that I started thinking about some kind of digital manipulation or design that could have made it a little more interesting.

I wanted something that people would actually look at, and remember, not just know it was there and not even look at it properly.
The first thing that came into my mind was the design and lightning used for the author's pictures in the Italian version of Vanity Fair Magazine: strong light, black and white, round edge.
Simple, clean, but you reader actually look at the pictures and remember the face of that Journalist who wrote the piece you particularly liked...
Or even more, which is something that happened to me quite a lot: you go back looking at the picture while and after reading, to capture details of the expression and features of the journalist whose writing you connected so much with.

A picture always speaks about the person who is being taken, especially with portraits.
But what if we could give more information?
What if I wanted to show various sides of the personality of my friends who I have been knowing and appreciating for their various and different aspects?
Well, simple question: more than one picture!

Of course, this not being the case where the portrait is supposed to speak and reveal as much as possible with its intensity and structure, we just had a laugh and went on taking some shots with crazy facial expressions that were meant to represent the characters of the people performing these particular poses.

And that was so amazing to see how much of them their random expressions were saying!

Yet we got a perfect portrait of Holly, the fashionista:

William, the apparently shy but super fun French:

Vaida, gorgeous strong woman who inspires me a lot:

Dan, the sporty Irish funny guy who may barks but would never ever bite:

Roxi, geeky cool French lady:

And Jeje, lovely Irish boy who is so much fun without even trying to be:

and who stroke the pose in the most original way I must say!

Here we go, three pictures, three different expression, one single personality, one single journalist who is going to write about something different from the other ones and of course, unique in its own way.

Congratulations to my friends for their upcoming magazine, as I said I cannot wait to read it!

Tell me what you think about the pictures and the design, I am very curious to hear your opinion...

Stay tuned! 


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