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Thursday, 21 March 2013

A+ to the BB!

Hello my dearest ones!

Here we are on Assignment week and despite writing my assignments and going out to film a lot I managed to sneak in for a mid week post.

Some of you might be surprised by this one and this it's a so-not me post, because I do not usually write about "stuff" for stuff's sake, but it's also true that I do believe in sharing with you everything that I think deserves to be shared and that's the purpose of what I'm going to tell you about today...

For all of you who live in Dublin or in Ireland in general, you already know how much of a nightmare the weather has recently been...
The cold, the wind and the snow is making us all feel like we were living in some kind of perpetual winter and even if some brave ones are trying to convince themselves that the goos season is started by swapping their big warm coats with leather jackets and jumpers, we all eventually have to admit it: the spring it's just not happening.

This has bad effect not only on our mood, with a depressive tendency approaching because of the lack of sun, but also on our hair who are so damaged by all the stress and the wind, our health as colds and flues are spreading around and ultimately on our skin which is dry and scratchy.

Personally, I have experienced all of these bad effects (how not...) but one thing that really bothers me is having issues with my skin, especially on my face.
That's why, when the flash started to actually come off my cheeks any my fore head last week, I decided that my night and day creams and my masks were not enough and I needed to do something about it before starting to look like a old bad painted wall with pieces coming out of it...

Yes, generally I do take care a lot of my skin and I'm usually very well equipped to keep it hydrated and healthy, but because I finished my Sephora primer and I didn't have the time to wait for another one to come with the box my mum had sent me, I decided to try a new one: I went for the N.7 one which you can easily find in every Boots in town, as the lady in the shop warmly recommended it to me as she said it has nice hydrating properties.

I must say, she was right: it's actually a very good one, despite being just the basic one and not the top product of the line.
But my skin happened to be way too damaged at that time when I started using it, which obliged me to put cream over it while doing my make up to compensate in the driest areas of my face and make it look as nice as possible.
Which was not nice at all anyway...

I really didn't know what to do, and I was almost about to buy a foundation which I usually don't use as I hate the "mask" effect it gives to the skin, but which I thought could have been a way to temporarily protect the skin a little more (sounds a bit like a paradox I know... that's why I probably didn't go for it int he end).
Then, while reading Glamour magazine of this month on my lunch brake from work, I found this little article celebrating this product called BB Cream: an apparently revolutionary one which has the function of a very light foundation/corrector if used just in the critical spots, and cream at the same time.
I decided to give it a go and I came back to Boots where the same lady who recommended the primer to me sold me a basic BB Cream from Garnier.

I must say, I was quite skeptical as I happen not to be a super Garnier fan, but I trusted the lady and started to apply the BB.

Believe it or not,  after less than a week using it I am already sure I won't go back to any corrector again.
It is absolutely fantastic!
If applied after the primer it spreads so well on the skin, it makes it feel so hydrated and nice (for all the day) and it has a very good very natural covering feeling, which hides the redness of the critical areas or even eventual spots and imperfections without giving the "mask" effect of an actual foundation.

One of the best things is maybe the price, as I paid less than 14 euros for this tube of BB and because you don't need to use a lot of it I think it's going to last quite long, which makes it a very good investment!

Also, paying not so much for it gives you the chance to invest on a very good powder 

which combined with the primer and the BB Cream (even not the best one you could get!) is going to give you a very very nice final result.
Most of all, very natural looking, which is in my opinion the most important thing about make up for the face.

So, the final purpose of this post is basically give you an advice which comes from the bottom of my heart and is directed to all my female followers, but also the male ones as there's no point to be sexist when it comes to the health of our skin and looking and feeling good in general.

I hope it will come to help all of you who are finding yourself in the same situation I was last week (very un-confortable indeed) or that it will be a nice way to try something new which you may haven't expected to like but which might also become something you happen to love!

Let me know your opinions and feed backs on it, or even if you know something better than the BB Cream which you might want to recommend me, I will try and share it as well...

Anyway, BB Creamed or not... stay tuned (and hydrated)!


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