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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Twinkle twinkle gorgeous FABI!

Hello everybody!

This week felt like it was slipping away from my hands, even if the days have been the longest ones ever...

I think I probably haven't spent more than 3 hours at home every day and that's probably why at the end of Friday I was really going crazy!
It was worth tho... especially on Friday and Saturday when I started working in this super cute boutique in the city centre, called Carousel.

They gave me an interview such a long time ago back in Autumn that I really didn't think they would have called me... but they did!
And I'm so excited for that not only because I really like the shop and the girls happen to be very nice as well, but also because they have a web site and that could give me a chance to play with it a little bit and you know I am always looking for new things to get involved in...

But I'll tell you more about this in another post....

Today I wanted to show you some backstage pictures from a photo shoot I went to last Sunday: Karen and Sami were shooting the gorgeous Fabi Marchini 

and they invited me to take a look at what they were doing, as it was meant to be a beauty shoot, with a lot of portraits and strong looks.

Because of that, they asked the help of some professionals: Louise Dolan ( 

was the make up artist, always ready with her blush to retouch Fabi's look.

But the very first think I noticed when I go inside of the Studio and I saw Fabi were her hair.

They looked absolutely fabulous, with soft waves which then became a strong mohican for the second look. The hair stylist was Kevin Heavin (0879244885), 

who works at Tony&Guy in Clarendon Street and who accepted to come for the photo shoot.

It is well known that Italian hair stylists are the best ones in the world, and that's why if you see an Italian woman abroad, she is often very recognisable because of her hair...

I must say, the way he did Fabi's hair really reminded me about an Italian hair stylist.

He was VERY good, and his contribute was fundamental to complete the feeling given by the different looks that Fabi was given during the shoot: first really soft and feminine, then stronger and bold.

Fabi herself happened to be a great model.
Even because the shooting went on from 10.30 am until 5 pm, with almost no breaks.

I first popped in around 11, then I went away for a while to join some friends to the flea market, and I then went back and stayed there until the very end.
What shocked me the most was that seeing Fabi at the beginning of the shoot and at the end, she didn't look any different.

That's why I really thought she was a professional model.
But when I asked her what agency she was signed with, Karen smiled at me and said: "Oh no, she is a friend of mine!".

I couldn't stop wondering why she has never thought about modelling, not only because she was really into character and ready to listen to the various requests of the two photographers at work, but also because she came out so good in pictures...

She is Brazilian, from St Paulo, but her ancestors are Italian, as revealed by her surname.
She is a great mix, as many Brazilian women, which is probably the reason why they are usually the best models...

But really, because of her facial structure and her proportions, Fabi should and could really make modelling her carrier,
which she might do, as she told me, sending some of the brilliant pictures taken on Sunday to some agencies and see what is going to happen.

I don't want to talk too soon, as I am a superstitious Italian, but I think that if someone in the business would see Fabi's pictures it will be very likely for her to get an offer to work as a model.
I mean, I've been to quite a lot of fashion events and photo shoots in Dublin since I live here, and I swear I saw many models Fabi would outshine, both posing and on the runway, even if the two things are very different...

I really felt like I was attending the beginning of a new carrier the born of a new little star which will bring a bit of her shine to the business...
Twinkle twinkle little star!

Another thing that made me so happy about this shoot was seeing Karen and Sami working together.

I couldn't help but notice that every time I go to one of their shooting I see progress in them, both in their team working tasks and their individual work with the camera.
They really found a brilliant combination.

If you take one passionate photographer, good with his tools, in love with fashion and everything which is beautiful, curious and hard worker you are going to see great results for sure...

(One of the books used as inspiration for the photo shoot)

So imagine having two of the working together!
This is of course bringing them great profits both as singles and as a team, as it should be in every type of team work, and I am so happy for them and always curious to see what are they thinking about for the next shooting...

Of course, I'll keep on following them and share with you their great work.
For now I'm just showing you some of the backstage pictures I took last Sunday, but another post dedicated to the real result of the shooting, Karen and Sami's photos, will come up very soon...

(Fabi's shout of joy at the end of the shoot)

Just to add a bit of suspense... ;)

So, stay tuned!


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