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Sunday, 24 February 2013

From North London to Camden Town...

Happy Sunday everybody!

Here I am again, still sick and somehow alive after working for eight hours with the flu yesterday... To be honest I don't even know how I did it!
Well, as promised today I'll show you the last photographic episode of the London saga.

As I told you, one of the days I've spent there I have bee waiting for someone around Trafalgar square, which initially pissed me off over the limit but then ended up being quite forgivable not only because it ave me the chance to take the pics I showed you already but because he then provided a very nice trip to Camden Town and a drink in a super cool place I'll remember about next time I go there..

It was cool because I haven't been Camden Town at evening time on my last trip to the city.
It's incredible how different it looks, with all the little lights and the shops open until late.
Same amount of crazy people on the street, the musicians that remind me so much about Dublin, same food stands from all over the universe

 but night all around and the dark sky, which add a very different somehow magical feeling to this town which is already so unique...

What confirmed to me the double identity of Camden Town between day and night was the fact that my friend Fran and I went there also the day after that, for a lunch with some other friends...
It was an incredibly fantastic day and we went to Camden from Baker Street walking through Regent's Park.
It was so beautiful to enter in this other oasis of tranquillity and peace, where people were playing football, going to the zoo or just walking around like us two, while the sun was shining and everything screamed: Sunday morning!

The part of the walk that I liked the most was when we crossed the locks and got to Camden Town from the opposite way from the one you end up when you go there with the station.

Walking under the bridges and finally seeing the town appearing from afar, with all the people sitting in the sun or walking around was so relaxing... It was one of these wow-life moments when you realise that everything around you is beautiful: your eyes full, your heart full, your head empty and your thoughts light.

What I really like about London is that despite being a place that will always be able to surprise me, every time I come here I see the same things in the same place, being just slightly different.

It feel like even if this city is full of life and constantly changing, simply because there is too much going on, too many people not to change non stop, it had a deep soul about it which sticks the same.
Maybe that's why the feeling of the city, its old fashion attitude and its cliches are still the same since centuries and will probably remain the same ones for a long time.

What I am saying is that every time I go back to London, even if I'm perfectly aware that I do not own the city at all, I feel like I am finding it again where I left it, and if I wanted to I'd be able to catch up with it and progress in its knowledge.
It is a tough city, it doesn't give anything for granted, ti doesn't allow you any distraction.
But yet, if you'll be able to dig deeper under the old dusty curtain it has on it, or even remove she shining lights which make you loose the way sometimes or hypnotise you, you'll discover it has amazing presents for you.

Most of the people fall in love with London at first sight, especially the tourists.
I didn't.
As you know, because I told you many times, I used to dislike London very much.
Our relationship has always been tormented, conflictual: both of us wanted the other to be in a way that is not ours.
But now, I feel like London and I are finding a compromise.
We are learning how to love each other every time a little more...

Sometimes they say that this kind of love, the one you build up slowly and critically, is the one that lasts the most, the most true one, because once you accept the fact that you actually fell in love you have already examined all the possible negative aspects and reasons why you shouldn't, which allows you to just give up and go with the flow.

I am not there yet, I am still in between the line of love/hate.
But I am also aware of the fact that I'm learning how to love this city, because for the first time I feel something about it which is the closest thing to love for me: curiosity.

(Gorgeous Franni in Camden Town, London)

Stay tuned!


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