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Friday, 22 February 2013

@Fashion City

Buenos dias!

I know... You might start wondering how is it possible that I am posting something on my beloved blog everyday despite telling you how busy I am...

Well, my secret is the flu! Which I got yesterday and which I think is going to give me plenty of time to stay in my bed with my computer and books and, of course, update my page...

As I told you yesterday, we still miss some updates from my week end in London, but today I want to give you a brake from that whole lot of pictures of the beautiful metropolis in order to talk to you about some nice thing I've been yesterday morning with my lovely girls Niamh and Louise (before getting the flu...).

Niamh came to collect me late morning in college and we drove to Ballymount, right outside Dublin, where there is FASHION CITY, a very big industrial estate which could for sure look a little more glamorous but whose function is fantastic: showcase collections from various designers, which are being exposed and promoted here for a certain amount of time from the creators and the PRs who work here.

And guess who got a spot in one of the estates? Of course, Lou's collection!

We got there and she came to pick Niamh and I up at the coffee place in the middle of Fashion City and brought us to her place: a room where her collection is being exposed and surrounded by other designers of hats, bags and jewels...

It was so good to see Lou's designs after a while and even if many pieces were not there as they are either being manufactured at the moment or have already been sold, 

some of the best were still there, such as many of the silk shirts which I am so in love with.

As I said, in the same spot of Louise there were also a jewels designer 

and a Spanish hat and accessories maker.

The jewels were pretty good, some of them a little old fashioned, some other really great such as the neck piece with feathers I totally fell in love with...

After a while that we were there playing with the designs and looking at the jewels, one of the PRs who work at Fashion City and who is helping Lou came over and after having a chat on her marvellous Chanel vintage bolero which hypnotised us all, she brought us to another room where some other designers were being exposed.

In particular we liked the dresses from a British brand called Diva, 

which were corky and colourful and we had a laugh finding out which colour suited us better...

But also the Spanish Silvia Pena, 

whose furs drove me crazy, they were so beautiful...

And also incredibly cheap. When I started looking at the prices, I really considered coming back to Fashion City for a proper shopping session... It would mean to find out something of a great quality, good design and very convenient price...
Magical combination?
Well, yes! That's why I was so shocked, as I thought that the design pieces would have been more expensive because they are being exposed there, and not the other way around...

Also, shopping at Fashion City could give you the chance to find something very original and useful, such as the rain coats that Lou showed us and whose prints were so much fun.

Who doesn't need a proper rain coat in Ireland?
Or maybe a hat?

It was a very fun morning, which ended up with a coffee in the middle of Fashion City, planning a project which I hope I'll be able to share with you very soon...
Thanks Lou and Niamh for providing such a fun morning which kept me up for the whole day, despite the flu!

If you wish to know more about Fashion City, here's the official web site:!

Trust me, it's worth a look! ;)

See you soon, stay tuned! 


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