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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Two Doors wide open

Good morning everybody!

Today when I woke up it took me some time to realise that I didn't actually have to wake up.
In fact, after doing my very last exam yesterday, I am now on HOLIDAY!

Which means I'll have all the time to dedicate myself to other things I rather do than sit down in a coffee shop or in the library and study...

First of all: writing in my beloved blog!

Today I want to come back to one topic I haven't been dealing with for ages: music.
And in particular I want to share with you the pictures I took on Saturday night when I went with some friends to the concert of the Two Door Cinema Club in the O2 Arena in Dublin.

We had planned to go quite a long ago, in November.
That's because the tickets we got were one of Chiara's birthday presents, as the girls and I knew she wanted to see them alive so badly...

I must confess, when Nana and I secretly went to ticket master in St. Stephen's Green to get them, I didn't even know which tickets I was buying...

I had almost no clue of who the Two Door Cinema Club were...
But of course after getting them I got curious and I started looking for these NI guys from County Dawn and checked out their channel on Sporify.

Well... as soon as I started listening to their beautiful songs I fell in love completely.

They are really amazing, not only because of the particular style they have which is basically a sort of melodic alternative rock, but also because of the voice of the singer which is so distinctive and sounds as pure velvet...

The O2 was totally packed, people were occupying every single chair in the upper area (where we were as well) and also downstairs they were packed until the very end of the standing areas.

That surprised me a lot, even because the last concert  I've been there was Avicii and I thought it was packed but I now realise that there was less than a half of the people who came to see the Two Door Cinema Club.

And when the singer of the band said hello to the crowd and told us that it was their bigger performance since they came out the emotion grew so much and everybody went crazy.

I was very surprised by the variety of the audience: group of young kids, fathers and sons, older couples taking pictures with their iPhones.
That means a lot in my opinion, as one of the most important things for someone who makes music, which is of course a beautiful art, is to communicate as much as possible to as many people as possible.
Well, the Two Door Cinema Club for sure do that.

It was a really great performance, even if you could see that they are not super experienced...
But maybe that made it even better, because it felt somehow like we were participating to something which is going to become big, but still taking advantage of them being genuine and live...

What can I say, in two months time I went from not knowing them to singing every single song they played and looking as I was the biggest fan they'll ever have...

But for real, they are amazing.

Check them out!

And stay tuned, literally...

(My lovely girls and I at Workmen's Club after the concert)


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