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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Let it be art...

Bonne soire!

I know, I know...

I've been away for way too long, 
but this time I have a really good reason: exams!

In fact, since I went back to Dublin last week I've been doing nothing but study, desperately trying to catch up and prepare the two exams I've already attended now...

Even if it sounds pretty impossible, preparing two BIG exams in less than a week, somehow I did it! And I must say I'm pretty relaxed about how my results are going to be.

Actually, I wasn't nervous before the exam or either during the exam, which is maybe the reason why I'm still SO not nervous right now that they are done and I can do nothing but wait... let's hope for the best my beloved readers!

Anyway... studying didn't happen to be totally a waist of time (just this time... ;) ) because it made me reflect on some topics I decided to share with you all.
In fact, both for my exam of Sociology and Media Marketing I had to analyse various theories on ADVERTISING.

You wouldn't believe how many eminent scientists have been discussing about this and theorising about HOW should it be, WHY companies do it and WHAT do they try to achieve with it...
but one in particular which got my attention is Rosser Reeve's theory on Informational Processing Modules of Advertising, that are the ones characterised by the aim to catch the attention without playing with our feeling and sub conscious, which the Emotional Meditative Modules usually do instead.

Reeve said that "Advertising is the ART of getting a unique selling proposal in the minds of the most people at the lowest possible cost".

Oh yes, he defines it an art.
As you can imagine, that immediately made me think about my not-so-baby blog, where I look for every form of art and try to give it a space...
That's when I started thinking about a post on adv and, trust me, I found it VERY hard to find some forms of it which I could eventually propose to you as some kind of heart without you thinking I might have drunk too many pints recently or smoked something suspicious... 

In fact, reflecting on adv, I started being much more careful about what's around be, because let's be honest: advertising is everywhere.

We are literally surrounded by it, everywhere and in every possible form.
My conclusion is that even if a lot of advs are not possible to be considered as art 

(Piccadilly Circus, London)

and if I have to be honest, they are the biggest part of them,

(George Street, Dublin)

there are also some exception.

After all, advertising is still about design and create, which are definitely arts and which we have already been talking about.
That's why some of them, even if we couldn't say they are proper art, are still admirable for the clear and simple design which made them become symbolic and elegant

(Camden Town, London)

Some of them also end up becoming Logos, real symbols which are recognisable for generations and still used for various things, but if we go back to the origin that's what they were: advs

(Carnaby Road, London)

Some try to spread a good message and even if they do it not just for the craic or even because is the right thing to do but just to sell, it's still a good message instead of a bad one...

(Leon Restaurant @Carnaby, London)

Some others are just cool and they happen to become the scenario for other kinds of art such as a picture or a painting

(Camden Town)

But as I said advertising is done in a LOT of various ways that have very different characteristics.
Also, the differences depend a lot on the audience and the country they are made.
Talking about TV advertising, I must say that I'm very proud of our Italian advertisers.
They are usually brilliant, but they excel in TV, maybe because they are able to create some very poetical pieces of adv which really make us feel proud of these products that are part of our culture and every day life.
I don't know if I like them that much because I really do understand them as they portray some aspects of our every day life which are so simple, so true but also so beautiful.

Another form of adv that I happen to like a lot are window displays.

And now you could ask: how can you possibly consider them to be a sort of art?
Well, I'll let some pictures that I've taken in London this November speak for myself

In fact, when I saw the windows of Harrods displayed as scenes of the most famous Disney movies such as Cinderella


The Little Mermaid

But also Snow White

and The Princess and the Toad

they blew my mind so much that I just couldn't stop looking at them.
They were so beautiful and delicate that I couldn't help but think that the effort to put them together n such a delicate way must have required a taste that is nothing but a precious gift and a art, because it's not about having beautiful things but showing them in a way that makes them even more beautiful.

It looked more like an exhibition than a window display.

So, after a long reflection on that and still having many doubts, I had to admit that in some cases advertising could really be considered as an art.
But maybe it's not because of the advertising as well, but because of the minds that act and operate to create it.
Minds that are with absolutely no doubt very artistic.


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