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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Just a bit of photo craic...

Buona sera!

You know the feeling you get when your days are so busy that every night before going to bed you end up thinking: "what did I do today?" and you fall asleep before finishing the endless list?

Well...these days for me are being even too much like that!
Which I actually love, as you all know, but at the same time I still need to figure out when I'll stop for a while...

So much going on, in my head and around me, and I have the feeling that something more is soon going to happen.
Also, I'm dreaming the weirdest dreams recently, which makes me think my mind keeps going even when I think I'm off asleep...

Anyway, today I just wanted to show you some pics I've taken on a recent trip to Ikea here in Dublin, and ask you if you think they could work in an advertising-ish kind of way...

Oh well, yes I'm still thinking about adv, but also I'm trying to give these pictures a reason to be, other than something I felt like doing cos I just couldn't get separated from the camera...

Would you help me?

(The classic yellow bags, unmistakeable!)

(Of course, how could I miss the FROG?)

(I must say, this looked fluffier than it actually was...)

(The kids' part of the store is always my favorite one in the end!)

What do you think about them?

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