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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Getting some fire!


Well, here we are with the very first post of this 2013...

I must confess that usually the end of the year makes me feel a little melancholic, especially the end of such a great year as the last one has been...

But because this year an unexpected melancholy got me in advance during Christmas time, I happened to be quite resolute by the time the year ended.
Because of that, instead of listing my proposals for the new year as I used to do I decided to dig into it with a big change.
The proposals weren't going to happen anyway, cos they never do, so why not?

I decided that in order to make it a significant one, the change should have been something about me.
So that I started thinking and I decided to go for something which is not only a big change but something which I've been wanting to do since forever but I have never found the courage for: 

I've always wanted to go red, as I was for a very small period of my life around age 3, because of a residual of my French blood I guess.

Red hair are just amazing, and since I live in Ireland surrounded by gorgeous gingers, my desire for having them has grown and grown...
I was really ABOUT to do it at the beginning of last Summer but then with the sea and the salt and the sun, you know...

But this time, thinking about it, I couldn't find a single reason not to try it.
And then I told myself: "Because why not!" which is the best reason ever...

So that I booked an appointment with Fabrizio Sassaro.
He is my hair stylist since age 10 and one of the most amazing one Italy has been raising.
He has been working in Milan's fashion week for ages and now lives between Italy and Paris where he creates looks for many celebrities and experiments with innovative products...

That's such a release, because hair are probably one of the most difficult and personal things for a woman, but there are many women who experiment on their own and end up doing HUGE mistakes...

Well, if Fabrizio is doing your hair, worrying is not anymore a part of it, because everything that comes out from his "Salon Madame" looks absolutely fantastic...

This tiny but gorgeous salon is the kind of place which makes you feel like you are really taking a bit of  quality time with yourself, 

doing something good for you, like a present but better because it's going to make you feel beautiful as not so many presents are able to do...

His style is unique, and I'm not just talking about his work...
I've seen him in two different salons and I can tell there is something different in the atmosphere he is able to create inside of them.

For me going there is just so much fun, because I've known him for so long and stressed him over my hair cut and my teen-age insecurities about my look so much that I ended up seeing him more like a friend than an hair stylist...

(Fabri and I)

Anyway, while sitting there waiting for the colour to do its job and looking around myself at the exquisite piece of furniture, 

the wall paper which Fabrizio got in Florence and which has given him the inspiration for the name of the salon 

and, last but not least, the gorgeous Christmas tree which was still warming up the place more than ever, 

I got two great realisations.

First of all, I decided that instead of making a lot of proposals and trying to respect them, which is proved not to function as I said, I'll give myself just one challenge which I'll try to carry on day by day and which includes not only what I do and the way I do it but also how I relate myself to the world around me an how do I look at it:

I decided to live this 2013 looking for BEAUTY.

But also, I decided to include beauty as one of the Arts I follow and share with you here...

We know that Art is noble, in everyone of its forms, for various reasons...
but probably the most important reason which makes Art such a noble thing is that it has the ability to give us emotions, feeling, to make us delighted...

So why beauty which also carries all these features shouldn't be considered as an Art?

And even if it wasn't, why shouldn't we deprive ourselves of talking about something which makes feel so great as Beauty and its power?

So this is my resolution for the new year, my beloved ones, 
and if anyone of you is still asking himself, or wishing to ask me, why,
I'll answer in the only possible way that comes into my mind right now:

Because why not.




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