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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

First SNAPSHOTS of the year!

Hello everybody!

Here I am, back in my beloved Dublin...

I think I did something good because this time my trip was more than great.
I made friendship with a lovely woman on the plane and we spent the whole trip talking about travels and life and we also got coffee together before she drove me back to college...good start 2013! 

Anyway...these are the very first snapshots of this year...
I wish I could give you many more details about what I've been doing in the past days but life was such a rush back home that I often forgot to take pics for you... anyway, the most important things are still here... enjoy! 

Going to the ballet, seeing the Moscow ballerini was such an emotion...

The party I did in my house just before leaving and the hair color rainbow <3

Packing for Dublin

The ultimate Christmas presents from my lovely Chiara ( 

Stay tuned!