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Friday, 25 January 2013

Easy smokey

Hello everybody!

For our latest section, the one were we are going to discuss about the Art of beauty, today I'll share with you a tutorial on how to make one of my favourite make up looks: the Smokey Eye.

I use it quite a lot, and a lot of friends of mine have been recently asking me how to do it and how difficult would be to make it on your own...

Well, this is to demonstrate to all of you how easy it is.
And the result it's very satisfying, both for a night out or for the day, as it's not too strong neither too natural you don't notice it.

It gives you that cat-eye feeling which is so nice with every look and every eye shape.

Also, you can do it with an infinite variety of colours, as long and you have a pallet with three different shades which are pretty similar...

Usually, the key is to have one very dark, one very bright, but the key one is the one in between these two, which allows you to get the perfect shade...

I did it with three varieties of grey, which I really like for the winter and which I use a lot as I dress a lot with Black, Red and Green, which all go very well with grey.

Try it yourself and let me know! 
I'm sure you are going to have fun doing it as well, and remember:

even if the first time it doesn't come out perfectly, after a while it becomes much easier, and the steps come spontaneously.

Just in case, always keep a cleaning wipe nest to you, it prevents the dribbling-panic... ;)

If you can, try to be quite uniform both when you apply the light shadow and the dark one, it will look nicer.

Don't worry if you feel like it's too much while you are doing it, don't vanish it until you are done with everything, it's better to wait and do it just one more time instead of vanishing it maybe too much and then put extra shadow on just one eye...

When you apply the dark shadow, it's easier to create a shape first and then fill it...
That also helps being more symmetrical and avoid the strange effect that comes out when the eyes look different...

Of course you can use your finger!
Maybe a professional make up artist wouldn't admit that, but I am not so I can be honest: using your fingers is the easiest way to fix your make up!

Stay tuned!