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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snapshots of the week!

The snow which covered the campus on Monday!

Parties after exams...

Our new Canadian flat mates

Finally, having the time to read a good book

The Sewing workshop @Om Diva

The great photo shoot with Karen and Sami on a rainy Sunday

Back to the flea market!

I wish you all a fantastic week! 

Stay tuned...


The sewing paradise...

Good morning to all of my followers!

Here with go with the end of another week, which was a pretty good one for many reasons...
But before showing you some updates from these days with the snapshots, I'd like to ask you a little question:

if you could choose the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, what would you say?

Well, if it was me one of the greatest ways I could imagine to spend a few hours on a very rainy and windy Saturday would be closed in a room with loads of beautiful fabrics and clothes, a sewing machine, some friends and a warm cup of tea.
If the room was a lovely attic with wood floor and super cosy decorations located in the heart of Dublin, then it would be absolutely fantastic.

Sounds like a dream?
Believe it or not, someone gave me the chance to make it come true, thanks to the Sewing Workshop organised yesterday from OM Diva.

We spend four hours in that lovely attic, where a table had been set and sewing machines provided.
We just had to bring ourselves and one meter and a half of a fabric of our choice.

(And of course, 65 euros which were the fee for the class, the materials provided, tea, croissaints and Prosecco...).

Sean Byrne, professional fashion designer and couturier ( was teaching us the basics of how to run a sewing machine, 

from how to set it up to the various stitches you can use.

What is better than someone who is not only professional but also very creative about using the tools to teach their rules and secrets?

That's why even if I must say Sean was incredibly patient with me I was even happier as I went there with Louise, who all of you my followers already know very well as we have been following her and her brand pretty closely.

Sitting next to her on at the sewing table I could benefit of her help as well, which was basic if I have to be honest... 

Yes, I got the machine stuck not one, not even two but three times!
But I guess it's justifiable as it was the very first time I was using it properly.

And how great it is!
Despite the good amount of attention required to go straight when sewing with the machine, my hand sewing will never be as precise, nice and strong as the one done with it.

Also, Sean and Lou told us some tips such as how to block completely the sewing line when you start it, which you do by reversing the course of the stitches for one or two of them, and then reverse again and keep going until the end.
That's basically when I got the machine stuck as you can imagine.

as I said we needed to bring one meter and a half of fabric.
Because of that, right before getting to class we popped in Murphy & Sheehy which is in front of OM Diva to get some nice fabrics which we would have used to make our cushion cover, the final goal of the class.

Lou chose a fabulous and colourful fabric which looked like a kind of patchwork but made out of magazine covers or ads...

While I completely fell in love with this pastel colour fabric with illustrations of flowers, chino lanterns and colibri' birds on it...

In the class, after trying the machines and figuring out how to actually use them int he correct way by sewing on a random piece of fabric Sean gave us, we had a cup of tea.
After warming up a bit and eating some cookies and croissaints, we started the actual process of making the cushion cover.
We were provided sample paper, pencils, rulers, everything that we needed to take the measurements for our pillow and cut the sample out of the paper.

Sean suggested us a size and shape for our cushion, but someone who felt more expert went for something different, like Lou who make a very nice pillow case instead of a small cushion cover.

Anyway... once we understood which was the structure, cut out the fabric following the paper sample and found out how to actually put the pieces together (I made a mistake, again and I had to open my sewing line and do it one the other side of the pillow as I had basically cut one of my lanterns out the first time I did it...), we started sewing.

It was so much fun.
I must say, it's such a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do, not only because of the sewing itself, but also because it makes you feel so proud when you then hold in your hands the final result if your work and you look at that perfectly straight (well, it should be perfectly straight at least...) line of small stitches which look exactly the same.

I'm pretty happy of my cushion cover, and I couldn't wait to go home and put it on my bed, where it has already found its place.

Without even realising it, I picked a fabric which actually goes very well with my other pillows.
I also couldn't help but go checking the difference between the one I sewed yesterday and the pillow case I hand sewed last year.

Apparently they don't look very different.
But if it took me three days to make the first one, yesterday I sewed the little one in less than 15 minutes.

Also, I could easily say which one would be more likely to survive an eventual pillow fight...

What would you say? ;)


Friday, 25 January 2013

Easy smokey

Hello everybody!

For our latest section, the one were we are going to discuss about the Art of beauty, today I'll share with you a tutorial on how to make one of my favourite make up looks: the Smokey Eye.

I use it quite a lot, and a lot of friends of mine have been recently asking me how to do it and how difficult would be to make it on your own...

Well, this is to demonstrate to all of you how easy it is.
And the result it's very satisfying, both for a night out or for the day, as it's not too strong neither too natural you don't notice it.

It gives you that cat-eye feeling which is so nice with every look and every eye shape.

Also, you can do it with an infinite variety of colours, as long and you have a pallet with three different shades which are pretty similar...

Usually, the key is to have one very dark, one very bright, but the key one is the one in between these two, which allows you to get the perfect shade...

I did it with three varieties of grey, which I really like for the winter and which I use a lot as I dress a lot with Black, Red and Green, which all go very well with grey.

Try it yourself and let me know! 
I'm sure you are going to have fun doing it as well, and remember:

even if the first time it doesn't come out perfectly, after a while it becomes much easier, and the steps come spontaneously.

Just in case, always keep a cleaning wipe nest to you, it prevents the dribbling-panic... ;)

If you can, try to be quite uniform both when you apply the light shadow and the dark one, it will look nicer.

Don't worry if you feel like it's too much while you are doing it, don't vanish it until you are done with everything, it's better to wait and do it just one more time instead of vanishing it maybe too much and then put extra shadow on just one eye...

When you apply the dark shadow, it's easier to create a shape first and then fill it...
That also helps being more symmetrical and avoid the strange effect that comes out when the eyes look different...

Of course you can use your finger!
Maybe a professional make up artist wouldn't admit that, but I am not so I can be honest: using your fingers is the easiest way to fix your make up!

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Two Doors wide open

Good morning everybody!

Today when I woke up it took me some time to realise that I didn't actually have to wake up.
In fact, after doing my very last exam yesterday, I am now on HOLIDAY!

Which means I'll have all the time to dedicate myself to other things I rather do than sit down in a coffee shop or in the library and study...

First of all: writing in my beloved blog!

Today I want to come back to one topic I haven't been dealing with for ages: music.
And in particular I want to share with you the pictures I took on Saturday night when I went with some friends to the concert of the Two Door Cinema Club in the O2 Arena in Dublin.

We had planned to go quite a long ago, in November.
That's because the tickets we got were one of Chiara's birthday presents, as the girls and I knew she wanted to see them alive so badly...

I must confess, when Nana and I secretly went to ticket master in St. Stephen's Green to get them, I didn't even know which tickets I was buying...

I had almost no clue of who the Two Door Cinema Club were...
But of course after getting them I got curious and I started looking for these NI guys from County Dawn and checked out their channel on Sporify.

Well... as soon as I started listening to their beautiful songs I fell in love completely.

They are really amazing, not only because of the particular style they have which is basically a sort of melodic alternative rock, but also because of the voice of the singer which is so distinctive and sounds as pure velvet...

The O2 was totally packed, people were occupying every single chair in the upper area (where we were as well) and also downstairs they were packed until the very end of the standing areas.

That surprised me a lot, even because the last concert  I've been there was Avicii and I thought it was packed but I now realise that there was less than a half of the people who came to see the Two Door Cinema Club.

And when the singer of the band said hello to the crowd and told us that it was their bigger performance since they came out the emotion grew so much and everybody went crazy.

I was very surprised by the variety of the audience: group of young kids, fathers and sons, older couples taking pictures with their iPhones.
That means a lot in my opinion, as one of the most important things for someone who makes music, which is of course a beautiful art, is to communicate as much as possible to as many people as possible.
Well, the Two Door Cinema Club for sure do that.

It was a really great performance, even if you could see that they are not super experienced...
But maybe that made it even better, because it felt somehow like we were participating to something which is going to become big, but still taking advantage of them being genuine and live...

What can I say, in two months time I went from not knowing them to singing every single song they played and looking as I was the biggest fan they'll ever have...

But for real, they are amazing.

Check them out!

And stay tuned, literally...

(My lovely girls and I at Workmen's Club after the concert)