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Monday, 31 December 2012

This is the end of the year (not the world)...

Hello everybody!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been working at something a little different in the last days...

Thinking about a nice way to wish a happy happy new beginning to all of you, but also looking back at this year's events as I always do at this time of the year, I discovered myself going through all the pictures I've been taking since last January.

They are so many, but they make me incredibly happy as they give me the chance to look at my best memories whenever I want.
Looking at them I found out that most of them have a really important meaning for me, so that I thought: why not put the most significant ones all together in order to make a visual resume of this fantastic year?

That's how this Special Edition of the Snapshots was born...

I hope you'll like it!
I wish to all of you a brilliant 2013, at least as brilliant as this 2012 has been for me.
One of the most memorable years of my life, indeed.

I also take this chance to say thank you to all the marvellous people who have became a part of my life, either for a very short or a long time, in this year.
I feel so lucky for everything i got to learn this year and for all the beautiful places I got to see.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My beloved readers, let's make this 2013 our year...

The year's beginning in Ireland:

Super Bowl

The trip to Dingle Peninsula and the South of the country

London in January with the roomies and Chiara

Rodrigo y Gabriela's concert at Olympia Teathre

Museums in Dublin with the Irish History class

My very first St. Paddy's day

In Dublin with my gorgeous sister Arianna

The fashion show where Chiara and I met the Lord Major

The masquerade bash

The last weeks spent in the park under the sun

Trip to Wicklow Mountain

Donabate with Chiara, Ciara, Sean and Cristiano

Avicii's concert at O2  

Of course, the crazy Dublin nights we will never ever forget...

...and the friends who made my days and became such an important part of my life.

An then, an amazing summer:

Italian parties

The night we won the football match against Germany

Cooking with my sister Arianna

My beloved kids, Antonio <3

Still playing with the swords in my family's house as when I was a kid...

Krk (Croatia) with Arianna

Michi's 50th bday, what a day...


Barcelona with Alice and Cami,

the Basque Country and Madrid just Chiara and me,

meeting crazy people and finding each other in the most random situations it was one of the most memorable trips ever...

And of course, my birthday which was an unforgettable day in Milan with my brothers and my sis Chiara,

and an amazing night with my Italian friends all together

And then traveling around Italy, going to Tuscany to Chiara's beautiful place and rediscovering how beautiful my country is, which made me so proud...

And finally, 

the beginning of a new semester in Dublin,

and the prosecution of my life in this city which I love more and more everyday and which has given and it's still giving me so much I would never expect...

And of course,

the trip to London with Fran and my Spanish friends which closed the year in the exact same place where it had started and which I'll always remember as three incredible days...




  1. Looks like a pretty fantastic year! Here's to an ever brighter 2013! Happiest new year to you :)