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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Raw Art and drinks...

Hello my dearest ones! 

What a period: still going back and forth to the embassy trying to get my Passport back, assignment are appearing everywhere asking to be sorted out, Christmas is approaching...

But even if it seems like everything is happening at the same time, I'm still managing to share with you all I want to... 

Today I'm going to show you some pictures from the launch Louise made for Raw Art Chic last Thursday.

It was a really fantastic night, even if it started in a pretty unusual way: in fact my taxi driver apparently didn't know where the concord industrial estate was, and he was asking ME to direct him where to go, while I was terribly late and had absolutely no clue either where he was going or if we were still in Dublin...

By the way, I ended up calling my friend Karen who was already there with Sami and after talking we three different people trying to find his way around, he finally drove me until the Blue Wehical Management.

When we got there, I immediately knew it was the right place, because from the glass windows of the second floor I could see Lou's amazing clothes hanging 

and people already enjoying their drinks and the great atmosphere in the room.

They really did an amazing job with it, especially Lou by bringing some of her own furnitures such as the marvelous leopard carpet and the beautiful curtains in order to make it cozier.

But also the huge panel with the symbol of Raw Art Chic in front of which the guests were posing to be taken pictures  made it look like a high fashion event.

(Karen and I)

(Lou and I!)

(Sami and I)

Drinks and food where on the tables and Lou's drawings from the new collection where all around the room, which made me so curious to see her new creations.
They already look so good on the paper!

During the night, I met a lot of funny and interesting people...

For example, Zainab and her boyfriend, who have been telling me about the business they recently started: their company is called "Scarlet 4 Fashion" and they like to call themselves fashion distributors.As I was not sure about what does it mean, I've been asking them and Zainab told me that  they are part of an umbrella company called Elite World, which has already been on the go for 20 years now.

(Lou, Zainab and I)

Basically, what they do is market research, promote, and place high quality and luxury brands in reputable stores and boutiques in the best shopping areas internationally.
But they also create business opportunities for European brands in new markets in Middle East, Asia and Africa and likewise, which in my opinion is the most interesting part of their business: they are a sort of bridge company...
Some of the brands they represent are Gabriela Rigamonti, Campo Marzio Design, Campomaggi, Caterina Lucchi, and Taygra Brasil.

(Lou, Zainab and I)

I really enjoyed talking with them about it, especially because they both look very passionate about what they do, but it was so strange when they asked me where I am from and we found out that one of their clients is from my little home town in Italy, where Zainab's boyfriend has already been.
The world couldn't be tinier, believe me...

The night as I said was very nice and funny, also because it didn't have the feeling of a "formal" event at all, maybe because the room was lightened with Lou's sympathy as usual, maybe because everybody was so happy for her and her success.

Kaeran was there with his big professional camera, 

(Kaeran at work)

still working at the documentary on Lou's kick-off in the fashion world, which I'm sure it's going to be really good, if I think about all that happened since the very first shooting with the mannequin...

Also, the gorgeous Sinead Noonan was there, 

going around the room wearing Louise's design with her usual elegance, but also drinking and eating as everybody else.

But the corned which Lou's furnished became the actual setting of a shooting made by Karen and Sami.

I'm going to show you some of the pictures when they are ready, but because they are very serious about editing and we just need to give them their time to make them look as they want to...

For now, I'll post some back stage pictures, my fav ones, to give you an idea of how it's going to look like.

(Gorgeous Sinead!)

I'm going to say it just one more time: it was a great night.

And it couldn't have been any different, as everyone was there with the genuine intent to celebrate Lou and her work, and I feel so happy and lucky to have the chance to be following her steps in building her dream...
Congratulation again, Lou!
Can't wait for Thursday, Jazz night @OmDiva!

Stay tuned... xo


  1. Such a small world! I know Zainab!! She is such a doll, isn't she? :)

  2. No way!!! We should DEFINITELY go for coffee all together then!
    She is so much... :)