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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Let it be 3D...

Buongiorno everybody and happy Sunday!

I hope you are all having a fun and chilled week end, which I am trying so hard to have after the hell of a week.
Not only because the cold has totally reached Dublin: now you cannot even make a step outside without wearing half of you closet and while you talk proper breath clouds appear in front of your mouth.
This week happened everything that could happen, plus someone steal my wallet with everything inside of it after a morning of shopping around town.
Since then it has been even messier as you can imagine, and not only because Italian bureaucracy is my wort nightmare and I'm not sure I'll be able to get a new passport soon enough  to go home for Christmas...

But anyway, NEVER freak out is still my motto: there is always a solution. becomes my motto after I freak out at first, but STILL...
it allows me to go on with everything I want to do, and avoid staying desperate and poor in my room.
Because of that, this week I didn't give up on anything I had planned to do!
We will better talk about it on the next snap shots, but for now I'd like to share with you the chronicle of a very interesting event I've been to.

I must say, the IFI (Irish Film Institute) is probably one of my favourite places in town.

And not just because I love cinema like crazy, but because going there to watch something (independent movies most of the time) or just to drink a coffee and read a book in the cafe, makes you feel at home with that kind of intellectual and cosmopolitan feeling that your home is not actually able to give you, even if it's as cosy.

But the IFI is not just a cinema, or a cafe.
They are involved in a series of event and initiatives that almost always include a theme connected with cinema, art or as in this case animation and they happen to be absolutely brilliant.

That's why, when I got the notification on Facebook (it will happen the same to you if you Like the IFI FB page...) about this 2 hours conference on 3D Animation, with showing of the short movie "The boy in the bubble" and other short films and speeches made by professors and producers on the creation and development of 3D animation, I just knew i HAD to go...

As I am a super fan of cartoons, I'm also very interested in Animation in general, and 3D animation in particular, as someone says it's going to be the future of cartoons and animated movies.
Also, I had already heard about the movie "The boy in the bubble" from a friend of mine who studies Fine Arts at the Accademia in Venice and he told me I would absolutely loved it.

Well, he was so right.
That short movie is one of the finest, sweetest things I've ever watched.
It has everything: love, magic, mystery, a little bit of strangeness added by the drawings which reminded me about Tim Burton's movies for Disney which I absolutely love.
Incredibly well made and 3D animated, I still struggle to believe that the animators Eddie Sheanon and Declan Boyle did it on their spare time while working as advertisers.

They were both there both they spoke to the audience answering questions after we watched the movie.
They said that "The boy in the bubble" was originally in Black&White, but they changed it in order to apply it to a wider audience.
They told us about the changes in the story while making it and they revealed us that it took over two years to reach the result they now have in their hands.
Also, the movie is not yet finished, and they expect it to be 25 minutes long in the end.

Someone asked them about their role in the production, and they spent some words on how small is the business in Ireland.
If in the US or UK you get involved in one single aspect of it, in Ireland you take part in almost every step of the process, from drawing to animation, from pre-production to definition, and apparently you don't need to be SO skilled to do something like that.
Said the incredibly talented artist who drew "The boy" and all the beautiful scenes that then have been 3D animated...

After watching Sheanon and Boyle's movie, we all moved to Cinema 3, on the other side of the IFI where we watched another very particular short film called "Clock head" and been told about the process which brings the animation from 2D to 3D by Francois Pitie of the Department of Electronic and Electric Engineering at TCD. 

We learnt a lot, Nana who came with me and I.
Much more than we expected...
But most of all, we enjoyed having the chance to sit in front of a 3D movie, wearing proper 3D glasses (and not the crappy paper ones which usually give you a headache...) 

(Nana and I looking smart in our proper 3D glasses.. ;) )

and thinking about our future as cinephiles.
Will 3D take over the entire business of Cinema and Animation?
Will we be owning these kind of technology in our houses?
Thinking about how fast the world is going and how much do we NEED an iPad now when until two years ago we wouldn't even conceive it, probably the answer is yes.

But another good question would be: WHEN?
How long will it take to animation and cinema in general to fully become 3D based?
You take a guess...

If I think about it, I must say it scares me a bit...
Is it going to take off something from the old and nice films we are all used to watch in 2D?
I don't know...
But after watching "The boy in the bubble" and feeling totally INTO it, 
being almost moved even if it was a very simple story and a very short movie, I cannot help but think: maybe it's actually going to ADD something...
Maybe, it won't be that bad...

If I made you curious about "The boy" here you go, check it out...
You won't be disappointed, I promise! :)


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