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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I see you UPSIDE DOWN...

Buongiorno everybody!

This morning when I woke up, looked at my clock and realized that today is the 12th of December 2012 I thought I absolutely had to write a post on this date.
Plus, there is something that I've been wanting to share with you for a pretty long time now, but the past two week have been way too eventful and I haven't managed to find some time to dedicate myself properly to my not-so-baby-anymore blog.

Now, after working non stop to my assignment of Media Marketing for three days, two of which I was still accusing the posts of Penelope's birthday party we had on Saturday, the paper is handled in and I don't have to think about Media companies and control of content for a while.
I swear to you, I feel so released!
And now I can focus on what I love the most: my pictures!

Because of that, after a long night of editing my assignment and other pieces of work that have been left apart for too long, today I'm ready to ask your opinion about something I did two week ago with Chiara.
I mentioned our crazy photo shoot a couple of snapshots again, but from that very tiny bite I didn't explain to you how much we have been experimenting during that morning we spent in the studio exactly two weeks ago...

We both love experimenting and trying new things, Chiara and I, and sometimes we just let our creativity break free...
The results can be either very interesting, or something you wouldn't want to see.
But sometimes, we happen to create something which we are not actually able to fully define.
We don't know if we have made something crazy and great or if we should just delete everything and try to succeed in the financial field...

Some of the photos we took on that shoot belong to this category.
In fact, because Chiara recently got a tripod for her camera, we have been able to take pictures of both of us.
When we started to do so, we realized how difficult could be to just sit in front of a camera without anyone behind it and try to pose in an interesting way.

We went crazy...
As usual!
And we started to pose looking at the camera from upside down

while sitting on one of the while blocks which are in the studio with the white continuous background.

Some of you might think they look creepy, especially because I went even crazier while editing them and I decided to turn them upside down again.

Oh yes, we travelled 360 degrees, and that makes them even harder to define, as the shoulders take extremely akward shapes if turned upside down not one, but two times.

Ad I said, some of you might really dislike them, and if I have to be hones, our reaction as well was something in between an "OMG!" and a "WTF?!" 

but still... we have to decide what we actually think about them and if we should put them in our File with all the other fav ones or among some other crap in the Trash.

For sure, there is no middle way: either love or hate.
So, what's your opinion on them?
I'm very curious to hear it...



  1. they are creeping me out haha but u know in these days it seems that I am getting scared for everything haha

  2. As long as you dont get scared of me when you see me in the morning it's fine ahahha! ;)