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Friday, 28 December 2012

Having a ball around Dublin...

Ciao a tutti! 

After surviving the Christmas madness I am not officially starting the study marathon...

For now it's not really happening, as I'm happening to be distracted by pretty much everything around me, not only because I am back in the little but beautiful library of my town after so much time, with all the memories of the high school evening we spent here coming up...

But also because my study buddy, my friend Anna, is now preparing some exams for her Arabic language class, which is so cool I cannot stop looking at her book and copying little phrases to use... just in case! ;)

But anyway, before diving into my Media Marketing readings, I wanted to catch up with you posting about a photo shoot we did quite long ago with Sami, which I haven't had the time to post about yet because of all the various things which have been going on recently.

I'm talking about the second shoot we did of Caitriona, the gorgeous ballet dancer that Sami had already been taking pictures of in the Studio, earlier during the semester.
Well, after shooting Caitriona indoor, he wanted to bring this project to another level, and that's why we have been going around town on a very crowded (and very cold!) Sunday, taking pictures of her.

First of all, we went to Trinity College, 

where Caitriona herself has been guiding us around the beautiful campus as she she has been living there during her college career in Trinity.

The location happened to be absolutely stunning,

(Muhammad Sami, All Rights Reserved)

Not only because of the great massive architecture which surrounded our delicate ballet dancer, making her look even softer, almost as if she was some kind of supernatural creature able to jump and find her way among these enormous buildings,

spreading around her this magical feeling which made everyone who passed by stop and stare even just for a moment.

Another thing which made it all were the colours.
Dublin in a city which has beautiful colours in general, I think: the red stone of the typical houses, the bright green of the parks, the deep grey of the biggest buildings, the blue skies where the clouds temporarily leave space to the sun.
In the campus of Trinity College it seems like all these things are joined together, which makes it such a perfect location.

(Muhammad Sami, All Rights Reserved)

We went around campus a lot, but the best spot happened to be the big arch right in the middle of it, under which apparently Trinity students are discouraged to pass by a legend following which that would bring them bad luck and delay their graduation.
But Caitiona didn't mind about it at all, surely because she is already graduated...

Anyway, despite the legend, being a Sunday, the place was quite crowded, which made Sami a little disappointed, even is he managed to do a great job, avoiding the crowd which seemed to be everywhere under, close and around the arch, mostly to check out what was going on with these guys taking pictures of a very cold ballet dancer...

The kids for example went crazy about the shooting, looking at Caitriona with their big blue eyes fully open as they didn't want to loose a single photograph of her.

(Caitriona and Sami during the shoot in Trinity College)

After shooting in the campus, and after warming up with a nice Starbucks coffee, we moved to the only place which has better colours and a more magical atmosphere than Trinity college, if you are in Dublin city: St. Stephen's Green.

The Autumn was absolutely taking over the place, painting it with its shades of orange, red, yellow, without getting rid of that bright green which always stands up despite the season, reminding us that yes, we are still in Ireland.

(Muhammad Sami, All Rights Reserved)

I really like Sami's pictures of Caitiona in the campus, but if you asked my opinion, I'd say I absolutely LOVE the ones he got while in St. Stephen's.

(Muhammad Sami, All Rights Reserved)

They remind me so much of a fairy tale that I almost feel like writing one inspired by these shoots.

 For example, the pictures under the gazebo made me think about the Nut Cracker,

while some other ones he took on the path, close to the side entrance made me feel like I was inside of the Hansel & Gretel story, except that there wasn't bread on the floor...

(Muhammad Sami, All Rights Reserved)

As I said, there was something surreal about the situation, maybe also because of the great ability that Caitriona showed us, jumping and moving in a beautiful way despite the very uneven path and the wholes in it...

As you all know the park is not too big, but it has a lot of hidden places and small angles which happen to be ideal for a shooting, as it seems like you are always in a different place.
As the last spot, when we ended up right before the sun started to go down, the colours simply exploded, and the trees full of orange leaves seemed to be the blushes Mother Nature had used to paint all over the place.

The swans were not very easy to catch, I must say: they played hard, but after we started throwing bread to them they immediately came over, giving Sami the chance to get some pretty amazing shots:

which became even better after his brilliant editing, which reinforced my feeling of a magical and surreal atmosphere.

I must say that I am very grateful to Sami, who allowed me to follow him not only in this shoot, but in the entire project he has done with Caitriona.
It hasn't been easy, even because he is a lot of a perfectionist, and because of that when he gets an idea he literally digs into it and wants so bad to bring it to attend it in the best possible way.

This was my very first outdoor shoot and I couldn't ask for something better.
I didn't mind the cold, I didn't even realised we have been out for hours and hours:
it was just so much fun and a great experience which made me learn so much.
Thank you both: Sami who surprises me for his step forward every time,
and Caitriona, who rocks even with her ballet shoes on!

I'll talk to you all very soon so...stay tuned! :)


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