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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Hola my dear readers! 

I don't know if it's because of the end of the world or because Christmas is now VERY close, but people in this city are going crazy!

It's almost impossible now to make a walk in Grafton Street without being packed between a huge crowd of buyers with their multiples whopping bags which seems to be bigger and bigger every time I go out.
This is the only case in which I've thanked college for making me so busy these days, so that I could keep myself from falling into the devil circle of Christmas craziness...even because as I have already experienced, when I start is then almost impossible to stop and I end up buying Christmas presents for every single person I know (included the butcher and my granny's card-games friends...)

But this time no, I just focused on my Secret Santa (which is going to be revealed tonight with the girls, I can't wait!) and on actually keeping it SECRET which is not one of the things I'm better at,
and on some other little presents for my closest ones.
Anyway, I wouldn't have time to do anything else because as I said college has been entertaining me a lot recently...

But I must say I've been enjoying most of my assignment, and there are a couple of them which I would like to share with you.
One of them is my work for Layout&Design, which also allows me to introduce a new topic in my not-so-baby-anymore blog: DESIGN.
It's an absolute beautiful field, which includes a lot of various aspects and whose creators could be either architects or designers or advertisers but in each cases they should all be called artist because of the beautiful things they make.

For my second assignment of Layout&Design we were asked to create the cover of either a DVD or a Video Game.
At first, as I love cinema so much and I am myself one of the last exemplars of DVD buyers, I was almost sure I would have done a DVD cover.
But after the week end I spent in London with my friend Francesca (I told you about it already and I showed you my pictures...) I changed my mind.

In fact, during one of the nights we spent together in London, we were in her flat after dinner, chatting, putting nail polish on us and talking about how many things have happened since we used to hang out in our small (VERY small) town in Italy when we were kids...
At a certain point, Francesca said: "One day they are going to make a Video Game out of us, for sure!"

How can I put this...
Illumination! Bells of inspiration! 
Since that moment I started thinking about it and I've been falling in love with that idea more and more, until I decided that I was going to do a Video Game on us...
...after all, why wait for someone else to do it? :)

So that, back in Dublin I started to think more carefully about the concept and the story which would have been the base of my Video Game.
In fact, if when we look at a design work we think it's just about sitting down and drawing or editing pictures etc, what we don't know it that there is MUCH MORE work before that!
All the concept creation and the various papers filled with brain storming to gather ideas and end up with something homogeneous, not too complicate and still interesting is what really makes the design.

I finally decided that my two heroines based on Francesca and me were going to be something in between Jessica Rabbit, because she is super glamorous and gorgeous, and Carmen San Diego, who I absolutely love and whose character has that extra something, strong and male which I wanted my heroines to have.
Also, they were going to be experts in martial arts, because what is a Video Game without ninjas?!

After making a huge board on Pinterest (you'll find it @, I also thought about the look that my two protagonists should have had, also because it was my change to represent Francesca and I in them.
Picking some pieces from our own wardrobes and making them wear them.
That's why I've taken pictures of my red hat, 

Francesca's red high heels, my red Spanish fan (a present from my lovely Spanish friends which for pure coincidence they gave me when we met in London that very week end in November!) 

and edited them on Photoshop to make them look a little bit more cartoon-ish not to contrast too much with the front of the cover where I've put my drawings of the two heroines.

Because I wanted them to be some kind of mythical Greek-ish goddesses, I've given them Greek names: Dynamis (which in Ancient Greek language means Strength) and Andreya (which means Courage).
I've decided that the Video Game was going to be about their journey from Japan to Spain, where they had to bring this mysterious alphabet which had been used to write the secrets of humanity and which some evil forces were trying to steal.
I've decided to call the alphabet Skepsys (which is Greek means Doubt).
The two heroines would have had to bring it safe to an impenetrable castle in Spain where their mentor was hiding, waiting fore them; but they would have had to overcome various obstacles and defeat various enemies on their way.

I've called the Video Game with a Spanish name, GUERRERAS, and I've made it end up in Spain because I wanted to recall Francesca's passion for Spanish, which she has been studying for so long, but also my passion for Spain as well, originally due to other reasons but which has been growing after my travel around that beautiful country this summer.

This is the final result:

I must say, it has been so much work!
Not only because of the technical aspects such as editing the pictures of downloading a Greek inspired font which I couldn't find among the ones I already had on my laptop, 
but because this Design ended up being something very personal for me...
The representation of some aspects of my personality and of the one of one of my best friends...
But also a celebration of what we are now, and what we have done, not forgetting what we haven't done already...
When we were kids, we had big dreams, but we would never guess about the way our lives were going to take...
And it's still the beginning!
But yet, I cannot tell how proud I am of her...
She really is a GUERRERA.