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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Cosy Christmas @Scarlet 4Fashion...

Buongiorno to all of you!

Another week is coming to its end and I'm hardly able to realise that is the last one before Christmas.
Isn't it unbelievable?
For many reasons, this year I'm not feeling the Christmas craziness that much, maybe because I've been so busy with a million of things, maybe because I haven't really been thinking about presents, or maybe just because every year that goes by my childish love for this holiday is fading a little bit more...

...which is too bad!
That's why I promised to myself that this week I'll do my best to get into the Christmas mood, starting from the Christmas market where some friends and I will go today,
let's see if lights all around, lovely songs and the smell of hot chocolate will do their job or simply give me a headache!

By the way, talking about busyness, there are still a lot of things I want to share with you before going to Italy for Christmas, but today I'll just give you a short chronicle of a lovely party I've been earlier this week.

Do you remember when I told you about Zainab and her company some weeks ago?

(Zainab and I on one of the Budda Bags)

I met her at Lou's launch and we started speaking about her company, Scarlet 4 Fashion, which created contacts between people in the fashion industry.

(Chiara, Zainab and I)

After our lovely chat, we added each other on FB and some days ago she invited me to the Christmas party she organised for her company.

It was very cool, most of all because of the location: in fact the vernissage was inside of the Budda Bag shop in Dublin, which is close to the Jervis shopping centre, in the North side of the city.
I know that shop very well, because is just beside one of my favourite lunch places, Lemon Jelly, and it's so typical for Chiara and I to crash on a Budda Bag after a long morning of shopping and a great lunch.

(Chiara, me and our glasses of wine.. ;) )

So we did the night of the party, with the only difference that we didn't have to feel guilty about how long we stayed on it this time...

Aaron was with us and for the first part of the party we just listened to music and chatted, waiting for some more people to come, even if we couldn't stay as long as we would have liked to...
Then the atmpopshere got warmer and some of the guests started to gather, looking at the displays with exclusive furnitures and shoes sponsored by Scarlet 4 Fashion, as the party was also an occasion for them to make people acknowledged about these brands.

(The display of one of S4F clients...)

The location as I said was great and the guests who were dressed following the 1920s feeling, perfectly embodied by Zainab with her gorgeous dress and head band.
The party was also an occasion for Scarlet 4 Fashion to celebrate the great success of their participation to Miss Ethnic Ireland, which was a great success and contributed to rise awareness against FGM.

What can I say, another very nice night, also because of my two lovely mates who came with me.

(Chiara, Aaron and me)

It was a great way to distress after a long day of study...
Thanks Zainab for the great party and congratulation Scarlet 4 Fashion!
Maybe it didn't put me in the mood so much, but that was for sure the cosiest Christmas party ever...

Stay tuned ;)


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