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Friday, 7 December 2012

Bellini and Jazz at OmDiva

Hello my fav ones! 

Here I am again, while another very long and eventful week comes to the end and we all see the flag of the week ed approaching.

As I said last time: what a period! 
In the last days I've been reflecting a lot about Karma, which is based on the fact that for everything we do, either good or bad, there is some kind of turn out.
But what if your Karma was sometimes trying to provoke some how?
What if its intent was not to actually give you back what you deserve, but wake you up in order to prevent you from doing or even think something in the wrong way?

This is what I feel is happening to me: 
sometimes I wonder "why, seriously, WHY?", but then if I just avid freaking out and accepts the challenges that life is giving to me, suddenly something else happens, and everything seems to fall into place again.

Or simply, something comes just to make me feel better:
a message, a joke, a call...

If you are waiting to be given an example of some positive news about this week, well, wait for the snapshots! ;)
But I'll give you an anticipation right now as I feel to lucky and too happy to hold it until the very end of the week: I got my wallet back!

Yes! Believe it or not, on Wednesday I just got this random email from the Customer Service of Dunnes George Street, saying that they found it and I could go collect it whenever.
After reading it, I just jumped into the bus and went there, when they gave me back the wallet with everything inside of it.
I couldn't believe it, but it was when they told me where they had found it that I really thought I was inside of some kind of joke: apparently, someone had left it UNDER THE CHRISTMAS THREE in the hall.

Christmas Miracle?
I don't know, but I swear to you, it was just what I needed, after a day such Wednesday, when I took part to one of the most heart breaking gatherings I've ever been to.
Maybe THE most one.

But anyway, after this little bite of what's going on in my life, let's get down to more interesting stuff, which is also one of the other good things that happened next week.
Everything started with an email from Ruth of Om Diva last Sunday, when she informed me and all the "Divas" as they like to call them, about this event they're having on Thursday, with drinks, music and discounts.

Sounds great doesn't it?
But you wouldn't fully understand HOW great if you've never been to one of Ruth's events.
I'm still dreaming about the fashion show of last spring, which I've been telling you about, and Thursday night was nothing less than that.

When Louise and I arrived, Bellinis and cookies where already on the table at the end of the shop, 

Jaime Nanci And The Blue Boys where already getting everyone in the mood with their Jazz sound 

(Jaime Nanci And The Blue Boys)

and everyone was cheerfully going around looking at the great clothes and jewelry , trying something on and thinking about Christmas presents.

(Jaime Nanci And The Blue Boys)

Of course, the Christmas feeling contributed to create that happy and exciting atmosphere, because one of the very few things better than shopping is definitely Christmas shopping...

(Jaime Nanci And The Blue Boys)

just as one of the very few things better than wine is Bellini...
and the two complete each other in such a perfect way.

Every time I happen to participate to one of Ruth's events, it looks different and new in a way, but there are two constants that seem to be inevitable:
Buying something, my purchase this time was an amazing leather black bag with clasps and pockets on it which I love so much;
Meeting some very interesting people.

Such as Timi Ogunyemi, 

(Timi Ogunyemi and I)

Content Manager of "Picture This! Dublin City", who came next to Lou and me asking us if we would agree to be taken a picture (which is always a nice question to ask... ;) ), and who ended up telling us about what he does and actually being in the pictures himself.

(Timi Ogunyemi and I)

But also joking at my choice for the title of this blog, which of course he was not going to remember, but which I hope he will find and read...
(You can follow him @picturethisdub; or on Instagram @tweetymonkey).

But someone else I was so happy to meet was Robyn Blundell, South African fashion designer, whose work I totally loved as she presented that at the fashion show last spring, and whose new Christmas jumpers are some of the most exquisite pieces I saw on Thursday.

(Robyn Blundell and I)

It was very nice to have a chat with her about her collection, that I like so much, and about her lovely country.
She has been living in Dublin for eight years right now, and apparently Ruth got the exclusive on her collection, as Om Diva is the only place in Dublin where you'd be able to find "Deerobyn"'s clothes (if you'd like to see some of her work, you can contact her at
But she has also been telling me that she is aware and interested in all the many possibilities that are now growing in the fashion business in South Africa, such as the fashion week in Cape Town, which seems to be a very good scenario especially for beginners.
Of course, as a beginner herself, Lou was very interested as well and we spent some time talking about it while sipping from another glass of Bellini.

(Lou, proud owner of a bunny ring, which matches with her bunny phone cover ;) )

The event went on smoothly and when we left at about half past eight, there were still quite many people all over the shop.
I couldn't have asked for a better night, in order to cheer me up again this week,
so thank you so much Ruth, for another great event.
Looking forward for the next one, as usual! 

(Ruth, Lou and I looking great even after a couple of Bellinis...)

Stay tuned! 


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