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Friday, 2 November 2012

When black cats prowl and pumking gleam...

Dear my dearest ones,

today I'd like to introduce you to something new we have never been talking about but which has recently been making me very interested...'s a field of ART I'm starting to know since not too long and which comprehends a lot of different inclinations: DESIGN.

But I'm not just talking about fashion design, which is for sure a very interesting and undoubted artistic part of it...

...with you I'm going to explore the various ways in which designers express themselves, by drawing a fashion collection or a piece of furniture or the cover of a CD or a book.

It's incredibly wide, I know but I guess I'll just go on looking around myself and trying to catch some of the incredible inspirations that are floating around Dublin non stop.

I feel like here I am literally BREATHING ideas and inspiration whenever I go, and that's maybe one of the main reasons why I love this city so much...

Not to keep you too long today, I'm going to introduce this new topic I'd like to find out about with and for you by showing you my super personal approach to fashion design in occasion of this Halloween!

In fact, I decided to be the RED RIDING HOOD and after receiving a couple of great fabrics from Italy (thanks maim :) ) I sewed it all by my self and with no sewing machine...

...if it was crap? 
I must confess that even if I know it could have been way better if I had the tools, I am pretty pleased with the result, and my red riding hood ended up being not only an Halloween costume, but one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

(Me and Emily both as Red Riding Hood)

Check it out! :)

And stay connected... 


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