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Saturday, 24 November 2012


Ciao belli!

They say that sometimes the best things happen to us when we totally don't expect them...
As I believe it's so true, I also think that sometimes the best ideas we get come totally unexpected as well.

Actually, I don't know if this idea I got today, when this rainy and moody day in Dublin is about to finish and outside it's still lashing is going to be THAT great,

but I still want to give it ago, at least to see what you think about it.

Today, I'll launch the first one of a (I hope long...) series of posts with snapshots of my weeks.
They don't NECESSARILY have to do with the topics we usually talk about, but still, they are a resume of what I do and as I try to live my life breathing art in every single form of it, I think they are going to be kind of interesting...

Hope you'll enjoy them! 


Coming back in Dublin after an amazing week end in London with Francesca,

Seeing my best buddy Chiara getting her tattoo after celebrating her birthday with our lovely friends,

Receiving unexpected presents from mamma, who managed to fit a little bit of her love in the same box: best present ever,

Going around Dublin to take inspiration for the features of the upcoming magazine we are building with some Danish students,

Buying Italian food in our favourite place in town,

Proudly wearing my purchases from Camden Town,

Trapping my feet into the 5000 balloons which are still travelling all around our flat.

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