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Thursday, 22 November 2012

I know a town, and it's in London...

Hola my dear followers! 

Here I am again after a while... you know, sometimes I go around.
I love travelling so much, and it happens that I really feel the necessity of taking some days off and go somewhere different.
Of course, this kind of "necessity" can easily turn out to be a little expensive...

...but if you have a friend that offers you a place where to crash and a last minute cheap flight, well then why not?
That's why, last week end I've been to London for the second time this year.
I must say, it was a super crazy week end.
Not only because it felt almost surreal to live with my friend Francesca, who I've known since we are eight years old and that now lives in a lovely tiny flat in Baker Street,

but also because I've met some people and I've done some things which were totally unexpected.
Also, I've slept basically less than a casual week day from Wednesday until Sunday, which was dramatic as back in Dublin I had to finish all the assignments I was supposed to do during the week...
Great to the point that even if as I already told you I could not live in London (too cold, enormous and with that strange feeling of loss...), after this time I can say that I like it better than before, definitely!

I told you about my first trip there in January, and I shared with you some pictures of the amazing Vintage Vogue I got in a small book shop in Notting Hill, 
but this time I'd like to talk about a different part of the city, which I had the chance to explore much better going around with some lovely Spanish friends who came from Bilbao to meet me in London: 

Seriously, when I think about London, Camden Town is probably one of my favourite parts of the city.
It's full of contrasts:
a very small spot which tries so hard to maintain a different feeling into a gigantic reality which is incredibly technological and modern;

and even if it seems strange, it manages to keep that "something" different, as when you are in Camden town, it does not feel at all like being in London.
Seriously, think about Oxford Circus or Westminster and then move your mind to the small streets with the old buildings and the red stoned which characterise this small actual town inside the city: do you get what I mean?

As I said, it's full of contrasts: modern world wide chains of clothing such as American Apparel or Vans 

fused together with the vintage markets and the small stalls where you can find pretty much everything you always wanted to wear but you weren't sure it actually existed...

Sometimes it can look a little melancholic, I have to say, 

but it's just a necessary consequence of it's being different and somehow detached by everything else, in London and in the entire world.

Anyway, this crazy and unique place gave me the chance to come back with something new for you on a topic we have been disregarding for a little too long now: STREET FASHION.
Admit it: you knew that! 
Of course... where if not in Camden town could I find some great examples of street fashion?! 
And I'm not talking about some of the very crazy stuff you can find in the many stalls of the market itself 

going from extreme punk, so perfectly styled that these pieces are amazing even if you pick just one of them, such as a coat or a skirt, and wear them completely out of contest, inserting them in your closet even if your style is not usually punk at all... all the possible types of T-shirts and thank-tops you can possibly imagine, with any kind of prints, from famous people portrayed in unusual poses to objects and writings...

...or again, amazing vintage pieces, such as the original military jackets that look so cool on both boys and girls, as long as they are oversize at least a tiny bit, of course...

Something I absolutely loved?
The SHOES, and not only the great and cheaper version of the usually expensive military boots that are so en vogue at the moment, but also the craziest and strangest ones you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else...

Seriously, it's like a drug: when you start you would never stop, and look at every single shop or stall you find on your way.
But especially if it's your first time in Camden Town you should keep in your mind that the market it's not even big... it's HUGE!
And the best part is actually at the end, where you get to Camden Lock, where you'll be able to find various kinds of food, all great (thank god!), which you can eat sitting down close to the river or just take away with you, if you are brave enough to go on without a break.

As I said, the shops here are amazing, but probably the best examples of street fashions are the actual customers, who are actually pretty likely to be photographed, as I noticed for example when I asked this group of super cool Asian girls if they would have agreed to be taken a picture for my blog:

They were actually pretty happy to pose and they gave me some great shots! :)
Another one who got my attention was this guy I've met inside of the cover market while looking around for something to eat, he looked stunning!

It was a great day, the one spent in Camden Town, and see the happiness on the faces of my lovely friend Marina, who is so curious and fascinated about fashion made it even better.
Best purchase of the day?
A pair of studded half-finger gloves which I absolutely L-O-V-E and a thank top with a Nikon camera printed on it.
After getting the gloves, I just couldn't stop wearing them, and they ended up being better than expected as they are actually warm... and versatile!
Couldn't think about wearing them on a night out in Mayfair?

Check them out! 

And stay tuned... ;)


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