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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Caitriona's lights... (part one)

Good morning everybody, and happy Sunday!

Here in Dublin the sun is shining, for now, and the sky is incredibly blue.
No clouds around, which is pretty strange for a fall morning in Ireland.

And it's even stranger if I think about my beloved friends and my family in Italy, who are struggling so much these days in Venice, because of the rain which made the water go all over the place.
As usual tho...

Anyway, this sunny morning is making me feel inspired so I decided to post about something I've been wanting to share with you since a long time.
I kept on procrastinating because of many reasons, editing first of all, as today we talk again about photography.

I hope you my readers are not getting fed up about all this photographic talking... but really, today I have something very interesting to show you.
Again, this post is gong to be about one of the people around me who I think deserve a spot for their talent and passion.

My friend Muhammad Sami is for sure one of them.

Sami studies Photography at Griffith College and even if it's just his second year, he has a lot of experience on his shoulders, as he has been attending various courses of photography around Ireland, before being chosen from Griffith for a seat in the BA in Photography,  which he totally deserves.

We met in College last year, as I've been posing for him in two shoots during the second semester, and I've been very impressed by his dedication and his PASSION.
He made me a confession: he is obsessed.
His camera is everything for him: a friend and a business partner, but also a precious tool he is learning how to use and which he allows him to create what we love to talk about in this baby blog of mine: ART.

That's why at the beginning of this semester, when back in Ireland, I contacted Sami and I proposed him to become partners and help each other with projects and shootings, as I thought I could learn a lot from him and at the same time I could have been helpful: everyone needs an assistant.
He agreed, and since September we have been collaborating together.
Thanks to him, I've met many interesting and lovely people, who are being the protagonists of my blog as well, and who are all incredibly talented.

But now is his turn, 
his moment,
today we are going to talk about his great work, and I'm going to show you some of the things he does: 
you'll judge then, as the best way to get acknowledged of someones talent is look at his work, as it always speaks for itself.

So let's see some of Sami's pieces of art!

The pictures that I'm going to show you today belong to a shooting we did earlier in October.
Sami wanted to create the contrast between elegance and urban environment, by shooting a ballet dancer in a place which does not have anything in common with a theatre.

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

That's why, after getting the contact of the gorgeous Caitriona Brocklebank (ballet dancer who teaches in a dance school here in Dublin) and after meeting her for a coffee during which we decided the guidelines for the project, we then met on a Sunday (not a one as good as this one is...) for the actual shooting.

First of all, we took some pictures in the basement of Griffith's Accommodation, which ended up being a very nice place for Sami's idea of creating a contras between the subject and the environment.

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

Then we moved to one of the studios, 

and we went on trying various outfits and poses, some of which were absolutely fantastic.
I did the make up 

and sewed a dress for the occasion, 

which we used for some shots, 

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

but the most beautiful one, as often happens, are the most simple ones.
Total black, 

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

dance movements, 

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

a black scarf which covered part of Caitriona's body in order to underline her amazing muscles and athletic body structure.

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

It was absolutely great to work with Sami staying not in front of the camera but behind it, as even if he is still experimenting a lot, he really knows what to do much more than many people I've been working before.

Much more that me, I have to confess.

At the end, we were exhausted but thrilled, and during the past weeks I've been dying to see the pictures as they came out.
Now that I'm showing them to you, I'm realising how great they are.

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

Sweet but strong at the same time, they are the kind of pictures I'd like to hang in my living room, and show them to my friends and the people I love.
Maybe one day I actually will have one of Sami's pictures hanging in my house...

...and if you'll turn it, you will see an autograph on the back... 

(Muhammad Sami, all rights reserved)

Are you still wondering why I am so excited for the nice weather which is lighting Dublin today?
All right, you got me.
Today we are going to shoot the second part of Caitriona's shooting: an outdoor one, around Dublin heading to different locations.

So don't worry, this is just a bite of the cake...

...the rest coming up soon! 

Stay tuned ;)



  1. Wow! Lovely write up Carlotta! Plenty of fabulous photos from both of you. I love the studio photo's and especially the carpark photo's- a great concept. Im looking forward to seeing the rest!! xxx

  2. Thank you so much, both of you!

    Rincy you are nice as always, HAPPY to have you following,

    Lou It's amazing having one of the protagonists of this blog leaving comments ahahha!
    Humble star... ;)