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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

RAW (lins') ART (is super) CHIC!

Ciao belli! :)

I cannot tell you how busy are these weeks for me.

Being away from Dublin this summer I totally forgot how this place is full of things to see, people to meet, projects to carry on... everything is inspiring to the point that ideas come to your mind and of course you cannot avoid them.

But not only some interesting ideas have been coming up to me recently... fact, I had the chance to meet some interesting people as well, and to get in touch with what they do and their inspiration, which as always becomes my own one when I decide to give them a spot in my not-so-baby-anymore blog.

For example, 

this Saturday was supposed to be a very though day of study for me, as I have a MASSIVE amount of reading to do and every time I sit at the table everything I do is draw, write on my blog or edit pictures 
(oops I did it again...)...

...BUT when my good friend Sami (who is going to get his own spot in here very very soon...) called me asking to join him and one of his class mates during a shoot in the studio, I couldn't say no.

As always! 
St that there I was again, for the ten thousandth time in the last month, but this one was super special and that's why I've been so happy and glad he had called me.

In fact, it was not a usual type of shoot, with a model or more than one posing under the lights or acting someway...

...they were shooting a mannequin.

Oh yes, a white, plastic, apparently boring mannequin, which you would be able to see in almost every shop window around town.

But what surprised me a lot was what was being put ON that mannequin:

of course, clothes.

Still boring?

What if I told you that they were not usual clothes to be found in every H&M, but the very first line of a new promising fashion designer who has been working on these unique pieces since last November and has now came up with a very stylish and incredibly well made collection?

Got you! :)

I know, I know... sounds amazing.

And if you met the actual designer, who was there putting her creations on the mannequin and adjusting them as they were being shot for her catalogue in order to show them to the shop in Dublin and start selling them, you would be even more amazed.

As I always say, there are two types of talented people.

The ones who ACT as they are perfectly acknowledged of their abilities and because of that develop as sort of I-know-what-I'm-talking-about-you-know attitude that often takes away A LOT of the magic which comes from being in front of something promising and interesting.
The second type of talented people are the ones who DON'T ACT. They just be, and they let their  work and their talent speak for them.

Well, LOUISE RAWLINS  , creator of RAW ART CHIC surely belongs to the second category.
She is incredibly nice, as she has demonstrated by treating me in a very very nice way, even if I basically was an intruder in her shoot and I could not help but staring at the clothes on the anger bar as they were absolutely fantastic.

If I was annoying her with my questions, she didn't show it at all.

She told me about the fact that it's her first line of clothes, but that she has been growing up surrounded by fabrics and patterns as her family owns an interior design business, which she also works for at the moment.

That's probably why she has such a great taste with patterns and prints, such as the one of a mythological lady that she designed, put in series and turn into a pattern which is now the inside part of most of her jackets and also appears on the logo of her brand.

She also told me that she has been researching a lot for the other prints, which made the creative process a long journey that ended up with a successful result.

Something else that really surprised me was her colour choice.

Usually, I'm not crazy about a lot of colours all together, and I think that every fashion line should have a colour choice which is coherent between the different pieces and also tells about where the inspiration for the line itself came from.
My motto is: keep it simple.

But Louise... she completely brake down my theory!

In fact, she uses a lot of various colours (maybe also because it's a Spring/Summer collection) and prints and materials, but they all work so well together.
The leather jackets where she mixes blue and yellow or black and mint green or also a delicious skin colour with a milky chocolate brown, all made precious by the Swarowski crystal she uses for the bottoms and which she made herself as well...

...the skirts with their undulating shape on one side, which reminded me a lot about the waves of the sea and that makes it very appropriate for a summer collection...

...that AMAZING one piece which I'd like to but straight away and which I couldn't stop looking at, 

because of the exquisite attention for details that went in the making of it, which made it unbelievable for me that it was totally hand made, as all the other pieces, 

the nice choice of fabrics and colours and the beauty of the print used for it, where the shells and the shapes reminded me about a summer sunset on the beach, drinking something cool and breathing the warm fresh air which slightly blows around...

Well, at least, this is the ideas situation in which I imagined myself wearing it... ;)

Anyway, while I was there looking at Sami and Karen during their shoot, amazed of how professional they were even if they are attending the second year of photography and they are supposed to have still a lot to learn, 

I had the feeling that I was assisting to the beginning of something which is bound to become... something MORE.

I don't want to say anything already, because I am a superstitious Italian and we never talk about destiny before it actually happens, especially if we are feeling that something VERY GOOD is about to happen...

...but I'm just going to leave you with what is going to be my goal in the next weeks: 

I'll try to persuade Louise to sell me something from her collection, because I know that if I don't get one of her pieces straight away...

...I'm very soon not going to be able to afford them...

(Louise and I both taking a picture of each other :) )

...but you keep the secret!

Baci baci 


  1. I love this post! I've always believed that to be truly great, one must always allow every opportunity and tool for another person trying to succeed.

    Hope you had a ball -- looks so fun & inspiring! :)

  2. Thank you so much Rincy!! :) I've been looking at your blog and I must say you have a lovely taste too and you are a truly great photographer... Hope you'll stay tuned here!!


    1. Definitely will babe! Love all that you're doing. So fun! :)

      Google friend connect on mine ? We can keep in touch then! Best wishes x