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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In the studio with LOULOU...

Hello everybody! :)

I'm here again after just a couple of days to update you all about the continuation of Raw Art Chic's debut...

I'm sure you all remember about Louse Rawlins and her amazing collection I've been recently telling you about.
I think we could say that the first post I've published about her was just a "preview", just a taste before showing you the real deal: the official shooting of her Spring/Summer collection which took place last weekend.

The crew was the same of the first shooting with the mannequin: Karen and Sami who were so nice to call me again in occasion of the second shooting. 

PLUS some new valuable members such as Kairen Quigley, film maker whose task was to create a sort of documentary of the very first fashion shooting of Louise collection.

This comes as a good chance for him to get involved in the fashion industry, which he aims to do, after starting his career as a free lance cameraman who as been working mostly in advertisements with brands such as Marks&Spencer.

The other fundamental addition was Sinead Noonan, professional model since the age of 21, absolutely gorgeous, who has been chosen by Louise among her colleagues of Andrea.Roche agency because of her soft and elegant look, and who made Lou's collection come to life.

And of course, not to forget, the lovely Anna, who was just doing everything at the same time AND also making us laugh and smile... ;)

The shooting started at 7.30 in the morning, and lasted until half noon, but just because the studio that we used was busy afterwords: if not we would probably have been there for the entire day.

I thought the same when I went back to my apartment and I looked at my watch: how did we manage to spend such a long time there?
Well, I guess that first of all it's so true that "times fly when you're having fun" and then, I think we are all pretty much perfectionists...

Something that really surprised me again was Lou's participation. She was very excited, like all of us, and her contribution in the shooting was fundamental: fixing the clothes, helping the model in the backstage with Anna, running to town to get and extra Scan Disk when the one we had was filled with pictures...

...she gave it all, but still smiling and having fun because it actually was SO MUCH FUN to spend one morning taking pictures of beautiful clothes for an exciting project... 
... anyway, that's another demonstration of her passion and how much she cares about what she does.

As they say: what goes around comes around!

I strongly believe in that, and that's why I think that if you put passion i what you do, no matter how many struggles you'll have to overcome, you'll be successful in the end...

But let's do it step by step, so for now I leave you with some of Sinead's poses, some of Loulou's pieces and these pictures which are a super-preview of the actual shooting... 


(White skinny fit trousers with swarovski zip closure, silk top)

(Silk shirt with RAW ART CHIC original print)

(Leather skirt and combined jacket, silk shirt with RAW ART CHIC original print)

(white skirt with swarovski zip closure, leather bicolor jacket with swarovski buttons)

(My super favorite: the silk one-piece with funny print!) 


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  1. Gorgeous all around! I love these little sneak peeks, behind the scenes posts ;) Especially for a wanna-be photographer like myself! x