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Saturday, 4 August 2012

con ESPANA en el CORAZON...

Dear my dearest followers,

After what has maybe been the longest period without taking care of my baby blog... here I am again!
I know, this time I am fully guilty and not worthy of your forgiveness, but trying to redeem myself, I am bringing you A LOT of news, and many ideas that I've been collecting during my summer holidays, which are not yet finished... ;)

First of all, I'll answer what should be your main question: where tf have you been?

Well... A little bit of Tuscany, a lot of Northern Italy because of some lovely friends of mine who came to visit me and that I had to bring around my wonderful country...

...BUT what has brought me far away from you for so much time was the amazing and pretty long trip I've taken around another very beautiful, almost magical, country: SPAIN! 

First of all, I've spent a week in Barcelona, with three very good friends of mine.
We had a lot of fun, but it was not just partying or taking the sun in the beach, because we were able to visit everything which was worth to be seen.
Thanks to our great trained legs (thank God!), we almost always walked, which I've discovered to be the absolute best way to visit a place, especially a city.

Getting lost in the streets around Barceloneta, where we had our little condo next to the sea, or going around the city centre with a small map and a lot of sense of orientation, we had an amazing view of Barcelona, and we also took some chances that we wouldn't had if we had chosen some already-made tours or the most usual paths.

For example, the very first day in the city, after a refreshing bath in the sea, we went from Barceloneta until the port and then through the city centre.
But before the beginning of the Rambla, the most important road in Barcelona, something cough our attention:

This was the very hidden signboard of a very hidden exhibition.
We decided to follow it, mostly because Chiara and I are crazy about Dali', and we thought it could have been something interesting...

...well, it so was!
But not because of the paintings themselves.
The exhibit was set in a little flat at the end of three ramps of stairs (no elevator...), and it was composed of some huge and extremely coloured paintings, where female and male figures were inert wined in poses which were unusual, sometimes hard to define and, most of all, very erotic.

Whips, loops and other materials like these were always present, sometimes accompanied by masks and sado-maso costumes of shining leather etc...

Sounds scary?
Yeah, I know, but even if you would never imagine that, it was not at all!
Maybe because of the brilliant and happy colours, maybe because of the face of Dali', which was appearing as some kind of a joke or maybe as a very singular "homage" in everyone of the paintings, they were almost funny.

I also spent a word with the painter.
In fact, that day I was caring with me my Nikon, a manual reflex camera which had a black and white film inside, and I decided to take a picture of him, as he was so spanish looking, sitting down on a little chair in the balcony, with the amazing view of Barcelona behind him.

Apparently, he felt very flattered by my interest, and suddenly he was giving me advices about how and where should I pictured him...
It was very funny, and I really can't wait to develop these pictures, I'll show them to you as soon as I will have the time to pop in the dark room.

Anyway, apart from this unexpected extra, our tours around the city could not miss the most important examples of an art we have never been talking about: Architecture.
In fact, as some of you may know, Barcelona is the city of Gaudi', the amazing modernist Architect who signed all this place with his unique operas.

We've been listening to a jazz concert on the top terrace of Casa Pedrera, which was something we will always remember, despite the lovely white wine they've offered us, because of the magic of seeing Barcelona at night from such a view point...
We've also been walking through the Paseo Gaudi', after taking a look at the extremely famous Sagrada Familia, ending up (ALL OF THIS WALKING!) in the wonderful Park Guel,

 which offered us another amazing view of the city, at the sunset.

All of this was absolutely great, but if I had to choose just one among all his creations that got my attention the most, I would have no doubt.
I L-O-V-E-D the so-called Casa Batillo.
It's a very posh house, that Dali' build for the Batillo family, one of the most relevant and rich ones during the after-war period, which characterised the economic boom and prosperity of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain in general.

That;s why the house is set in one of the most elegant and commercial parts of the city, so different from our little Barceloneta, with its small streets and people talking from balcony to balcony day and night!
Going inside, what immediately cough my attention was the chromatic choice that Gaudi' has made for this house.
All the central part of it, which is build as a sort of huge hole around which the house develops itself, is made out of tiles of the colours of the sea: light blue, blue, deep blue, darker and darker by coming closer to the top floor.

All the house appears to be the representation of the lines of the sea, by giving to every room, corridor and stair not the usual straight lines but undulate ones, as everything was following the flowing of a perpetual ocean.
That's the feeling that you have inside of this house: flowing and following as you were inside of a huge aquarium.
But at the same time the cold stone, the warm wood, the colours of the windows and the trencadis, typical technique used everywhere by Gaudi', also confuse you and bringing you back to reality.

It's a sort of magical place, from the bottom to the top.
A kind of surreal environment where the columns are bones, the chimney has the shape of a mushroom and the upper terrace is habited by a dragon as the ones you would read about in a fairy tale.
It's a place that really enchants you, and make you desire to stay there forever, admiring the surroundings and trying to interpret the meaning that everything should have been for Gaudi', who hasn't ever left anything to the case.

That's why, me myself I've been wondering HOW WOULD IT BE TO ACTUALLY LIVE HERE?
Maybe magical, maybe surreal, for sure a little bit excessive.
But that's the only feeling you could get from living in which is not only a house, but a unique and beautiful art piece.

I am going to leave you with this reflection, but don't worry, this is just the first episode of the Spanish saga! 
Stay connected... :)

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