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Friday, 1 June 2012

Welcome to Dublin fashion...

Hello to all of yous!

Today I have something very special to share with you...
In fact, as I told you, last week I had the chance to attend the Om Diva fashion show.

Well, I must say that I was really excited for that since I was invited to participate, and I couldn't wait to tell you about my experience...
But I would never expected it to be as great as it was.

I want to go through this event with you, and I'll try to be as precise as I can, hoping to give you the same feeling that I had while living it.
When I got invited to the fashion show, my first thought was to write about it, of course, but I also want to have the best pictures possible, to complete and enrich my piece: that's why I asked Chiara to come with me, and to bring her beloved Nikon 5000.
We arrived at Om Diva at about six in the evening last Thursday, and getting closer to the shop, looking at the people around us, the atmosphere was screaming fashion event, even if it was pretty private, as a nice girl at the entrance was carrying a list with the guests' names on it.

She showed us where to go, and we started to go up, following the stairs until the loft which is at the very top of the Om Diva building, reserved to this kind of events.
Immediately, we were captured by the beauty of this small but lovely room, which reminded me about a attic in Paris, and whose view was absolutely stunning, looking at the buildings of Dublin's city centre, and in particular the creative corner where Om Diva itself is situated.

It is true that the best way to be elegant and show taste is to keep it simple, and the stage of Om Diva's fashion show was the great demonstration of this mantra: two very simple lines of benches, one black one white, at each side of the runway, wood parquet on the floor and a funny decoration at the end of the runway, which seemed to be inspired by the curtains of a theatre, but in a very informal way.

At the top of the stairs, a table was set up and another nice girl was offering to the incoming guests delicious white wine with strawberries and small chocolate patisseries sponsored by Cocoa Atelier.
For each one of the guests, a gift bag was waiting on the benches, and inside of it some amazing gifts (so many!) such as jewels by Beatriz Palatio or Kayleigh Forsythe, but also vouchers for back massages and facial treatments, a lovely belt by Tokiki and many others...

We were perfectly on time, so that sitting down and drinking our wine, we couldn't help but looking around us at the other guests who were coming to the their place on the benches. Maybe because we were waiting for a while, or just because it was a very inspiring environment, we started to play a little game and to decide our favourite looks among the ones who were approaching the fashion show, as we were about to write a sort of "best dressed ones" for a fashion magazine or something like that.

1) Among our favourite, the first one was a beautiful asymmetrical white shirt, worn with a black bra underneath and a simple pair of black trousers: everything so simple, but so elegant at the same time, especially because of the movements of the shirt while its owner was walking down the room.

2) The second place in the top three went to a look that reminded me about this kind of event in Milan; a bi-color bordeaux and ochre long dress, put together with a black leather gillet and the piece that made the entire look: a pair of piton shoes with an orange-plexy plateaus which made me and Chiara wish we could ask their owner where to get them.

3) Third but not last, I really want to mention this look as it's the kind of fashion which could seem to be pretty usual, especially here in Dublin where there is a lot of grungy feeling, also in many vintage shops, but which I strongly believe is very personal.
Two people may embrace the same style, but there are some pieces, some details, which really reflects a single personality, such as the shirt this girl was wearing, with the hat and a very simple pair of jeans: how many chances are there that someone else would have chosen the same combination? This is what I call attitude...

But when I said "not last" I really meant it, as I want to reserve a special spot among the most interesting guests of the fashion show to the youngest one, who was absolutely beautiful:

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

By the way... when everyone was sitting down, and the DJ started to play soft lounge music, 

...the expectation started to grow as well, but I think that Chiara and I didn't realise how big of a deal that show was until the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Andrew Montague, was introduced and presented the event.
"Om Diva is my get-away card" he said, reminding about all the birthday presents he has made in the shop, but not only...
"It's brilliant for Dublin, and belongs to a vibrant area which is the creative quarter".
A great introduction, which was continued by the Fashion Editor of the Irish Independent, Bairbre Power, who presented the entire fashion show as a voice over, introducing the various designers as their creations were coming out on the runway.

She also complimented herself with Ruth, the brilliant owner of Om Diva and Atelier 27, who started from nothing and is now such an important icon in Dublin fashion, and because of that in Irish fashion in general.

I must say: some things I absolutely loved, some others not that much, even because I am still trying to switch my Italian-fashion mentality and open my orisons to some of the innovations of the Anglo-Saxon and American fashion, which were very well represented in Om Diva's fashion show.

Among my favourite ones: Edel Traynor, whose aesthetic was surely influenced by her studies, which she is still attending as a second year student at Grafton Academy

I was absolutely enchanted by Sue Yung's amazing dresses. She is one of Ruth's latest discoveries and is now to be found in Atelier 27.

I also liked a look the looks proposed by the brand Pure Harte, such as the wide black and white skirt and the black top, which reminded me of a mixture between the french and British attitude of the 60s, and because of that perfectly fits in the concept of vintage shop which is one of the aspect I prefer of Om Diva but also Atelier 27.

But Om Diva's fashion show was not only about clothes: hats were the co-protagonists, such as the ones made by the great Rachel Fallon, who is famous for her pushing the boundaries of London's hats design. Some amazing pieces were showed at Om Diva, and they also gave some difficulties to the models, but the effect they created made everyone forget about the little technical problems which happened.

This one was probably the most difficult one to carry!

Another great contribute to the hat side of the fashion show was given by Aisling Ahern, who is maybe a little closer to the rules of British hat fashions, but this doesn't limit her creating beautiful and desirable pieces.

Coco used to say: "Look into the mirror, and then take something off", but sometime a jewel is everything you need to complete a look and make it memorable.
That's why Om Diva's fashion show didn't leave jewels apart.
My favourite ones where Beatrice Palacio, of course, but also Aliquo, whose design I found extremely elegant because made out of small pieces, very geometrical, put together in what results to be a very nice and wearable combination.

Some designers really made me wanted to wear their creations, and this is probably the most important thing for a professionist in this filed.
I personally l-o-v-e avant-gard, but of course clothes are made to be worn, especially if their are meant to be ready-to-wear, and some designs such as Amy De Loup's one really filled this brief, as I absolutely wanted that pink dress for me the minute I saw it down the runway:

But also the black dress with fringe on each side: stunning!

Something which really impressed me was the quality of the materials used, such as the ones of Dolly Delinquent's design. The cut of this pink dress was also absolutely perfect, and it really looked like the model was feeling like a princess while wearing it.


You can really feel how comfortable she is in that dress...

Yes the designers were many, but if I'd have to say which one was my absolute favourite, I wouldn't have any doubt: I found Ruth's Om Diva the absolute winner, and that's probably the reason why I am so often browsing and shopping in her boutique as well! 

Her designs are so fresh and stylish that there is no one of them I wouldn't be happy to wear

Especially this new summer collection, where she proves how well she knows the necessities of a woman, by creating something that could be worn during the day but also for the most elegant dinner party or night out, without forgetting about the colour, as it's summer, but also using them in a clever way and combining them with innovative shapes, always very elegant.

My super favourite: the green long dress, put together with the white glasses for a vintage touch... brilliant!

Another design that I really liked was DeeRobyn's one, by two South African designers who kept the colours of their land but also put them together with incredibly innovative elements such as the plastic hand painted top...

...which I found amazing, and the grey and red dress which was fire and ice at the same time.

After the show, everyone was clapping for a long time, expressing their approval and Ruth's smile was lighting up the room while she thanked everyone who has helped her, finally her husband who was taking pictures during the show. 

Everyone went downstairs for some drinks and, why not, a bit of shopping as well.
What really surprised me of this event was the atmosphere which pervaded it all, since the beginning.
Everyone was friendly, relaxed and willing to enjoy it. People were speaking between each other, sharing opinions, drinking together, and all of them were absolutely lovely, first of all the Mayor, who came to us asking what we thought about the show.

(Chiara and I with the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Andrew Montague)

Such a lovely clever man...
It seems like everyone n Dublin has understood that keeping people away from this kind of events doesn't make them more important or more exclusive.
It just limits them and doesn't allow the new, fresh influences to come into the business, which is really bad especially in a creative one as fashion.

In cities like Milan or Paris I, a foreign student, would never have the possibility to take part to something like that.
In these environments there are small circles which create their events just for themselves, and if you are out there is no chance you can get in: you don't even get to know about them!

But Dublin... this marvellous city if full of opportunities especially because of the mentality of thee people: these are the ones who understood how to make the business grow and become better, as everyone but especially people who have interest and passion can bring something positive to it.

Ruth has understood that, and it's thanks to her  and to people like her if the fashion industry is still alive and constantly developing.
So thank you so much, Ruth, for this great opportunity you gave me, which I will treasure and remember forever.
And great congratulations for this amazing event you've created, which is just one of the many successes that the future has in serve for you... I ma sure of that!

Good bye to all of you, my lovely readers!  I hope I gave you a little idea of the amazing feeling which spending an evening into the Dublin's creative quarter has given me!


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