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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Finding Valentina...

Dear my dearest ones...

Here I am again! Just done with exam weeks and still having my head on my shoulders...even if a little more smoked than before because of all the studying I've done in the last days...

But now! The summer is definitely coming and even if I've got my flight back home and I'll have to say good bye to my lovely Dublin very soon (too soon!), I still have two full weeks to enjoy and just go around looking for new great things which inspire me, and which I'll definitely post about here in my baby blog...

Today I'm going to move away from photography, which has been the protagonist here since a pretty long time, and go back to something you all know ALWAYS inspires me: fashion.

But it's not a case... well... it's the very last consequence of a great coincidence, I should say, but let's start from the beginning.

Last week, on a normal Wednesday, I was walking around town with my lovely friends Chiara and Sarah...
...ending up in Drury Street, we decided to take a look inside of one of the vintage temples in Dublin: om diva.

Personally, I love that shop: the clothes there are absolutely amazing, and you would be able to find different styles and types of clothing in each one of the three floors, even if all the shop is mostly vintage-inspired.
The nicest tops and skirts you'd find in the ground floor, with jewels and shoes, while in the first one there are elegant dresses, the coolest hats and strange pieces of design from Irish stylists, who are of course waiting to become wordily famous with their genial creations...

But my favourite one is the floor below the ground.
Going down these pink stairs,

you would never imagine to find yourself in front of such a vintage miracle of clothes, hats, shoes, jewels, furnishings and so on

... feeling like you just have been threw back in the 50s.

What I both like and dislike about this shop is that it is not a normal vintage boutique, where you have to dig into massive amounts of clothes with confused shapes and colours all put together and find yourself something great among them: in om diva everything is so beautiful that you wouldn't know where to start from.

This is as I said both negative as it takes away the satisfaction of finding something which seems to be unique just because it has been taken of a mountain of crap, but also extremely positive as this place looks like a closet.

The closet of someone who has already overcame the hunting phase, and have now a great collection of unique pieces, all beautiful and, of course, very cool.

I was just about to forget! Another negative aspect... my pocket money is actually CRYING every time I go out from there, because it's just impossible not to buy at least something when you would like to buy everything!
But don't worry... it's totally a great investment. ;)

Especially when it comes down to something that, no jokes, IT IS unique.
That's what happened to me on that normal Wednesday. I was randomly browsing around with my friends, when one of the stands catches my attention, as I've reckon that the style of all the clothes on it was pretty much the same, which is strange in a vintage shop, as everything is totally different and coming from different periods, stylists and tastes...

At that moment I didn't know I had just bumped into a very special collection, that was being sold out with extremely good prices.
The reason? The stylist, Valentina, an Uruguayan based and very talented fashion designer who had been living in Dublin for the past eight years, has just moved back to South America, and om diva, which used to sell her clothes (I told you! That place is amazing!) was trying to give them away pretty quickly to pay her off.

Sounds luck? You can't imagine how much! Because Valentina's clothes happen to be fantastic.

A little goungy,

 sometimes punkish because of her chooses of colors,

 sometimes military inspired, in a mix that comes out brilliantly and expresses a lot of her taste and personality.

Her clothes are a stand out, impossible to to reckon, and I must say that it's something I love about a stylist, and one of the qualities that I consider to be the most precious ones: what's the point of expressing yourself in your design if it doesn't reflect your personality? If it doesn't scream your name? If it's not recognisable?

Everyone who has already seen her clothes, would be able to say: this is acevedo (the name of her brand) in front of one.
The clothes are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly and made out of recycled stuff.
Isn't it a great investment?! C'mon, let's admit it: you are buying something gorgeous and also helping the planet!
I'm loving that concept...

But apart from the general originality of this collection, there is one particular element that becomes Valentina's signature on her pieces: the pins she puts on them.

They are of various sizes and with the strangest subjects printed on them

But they also have plumes, lace and chains in addiction, and that's why they look incredibly precious sometimes, even if they are make out of recycled materials...

Something that really impressed me is the carefulness with which they are made, because of the materials used... for example the way in which the leather is wove, to create a very small detail around the image of the pin, which someone may not see either...

But we all know that are the details which make something look expensive even if it's cheap and which reflect the love employed to create it...

I have no idea about the criteria used by Valentina to choose the subjects of the pins, but I guess that they all come as a provocation, representing political activists or icons of the past century, and they also make a great and sometimes funny contrast with the military-inspired line of the clothes.

Another concept of this collection which thrilled me is that the pins are not stuck with the piece you find them, but you can actually move them, change their position, choose the one you prefer to go with what you've chosen, and that adds a personal element to Valentina's line...

Also, by changing the pins and the image on it, everyone would be able to choose the subject which he feels closer, and also the meaning of the subject itself, which can be more or less provocative, as Valentina puts together literary and artistic icons with some very recognisable characters of the past century, as I previously said, but also random images with a sort of retro taste...

Sadly, Valentina is not anymore in Ireland, but I am sure we will hear about her and acevedo in the future...
Meanwhile, I'll try to cheer myself up with the fashion show that on diva has planned for the 24th of May.
Maybe...something else new and fabulous is waiting for us there, but even seeing some of the great pieces they sell in the shop would be fair enough...

Anyway, I'll keep you updated...can't wait!

(Chiara and I wearing acevedo on a night out) 

Love you all <3

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