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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Vamonos, vamonos, vamonos a bailar!

Hello everybody!

I know I promised you to bring you with me through the various memories of my little trips around Europe, but today I would like to make a brake in the road of memories because I just a can't help but telling you about the concert I've been Sunday night.

First of all I must specify that it was my very first time at the Olimpia theatre of Dublin, but I am sure that it's not going to be the last one, as the location was absolutely fantastic...
It reminded me about the old-fashion theatres I am so used to see in Italy, with all the red velvet and white decorations...

When my room mate proposed me to go to this concert together in October I was pretty sceptical, as I haven't really heard about the musicians before, and I just thought "wow!" when she told me that we should have get the ticket at that time, if not they were all going to be gone soon...

That made me curious about these RODRIGO Y GABRIELA that were performing in Dublin and I thought "why not?".
Now I know it was such a great choice, as these two Mexican guys who started performing in the streets of Dublin some years ago are some of the best musicians I've ever been listening to, alive or not.

They started, as I said, playing in the streets of Dublin, as they were living here at the time, and then went back to Mexico, where they made a try with the metal genre...
...not a really good one, thou, as they soon changed completely, landing to this salsa/Latina approach that is absolutely their thing.

Looking at Gabriela's fingers on the guitar is almost hypnotising: they  are incredibly fast!
And Rodrigo's relaxed way to go around the stage while playing has a strange contrast effect with their crazy music which makes you want to dance as you've never done before.

They are great together, a perfect mix of jumps and craziness from Gabriela, and relaxed cool presence from Rodrigo, which influence each other in a perfect way.

They are amazing musicians, but also performers, and they interact so well with the public, as their jokes made everybody laugh, especially when Rodrigo pretended to be Irish, caused to the strange accent that living in Ireland for a long time had given to his English...

But this performance was not only something important for them from a personal point of view, as they both defined Dublin as the city where everything started for them;
it was very special also because it was the very first time they were performing with a band.

The band, composed by Cuban musicians who add an amazing Caribbean touch to their Latina music, is composed by a drummer, a trumpeter, a great base guitar who gave his best at the very end, and best of all, the greatest pianist they could have with them.

His name? Alex Wilson, which you should definitely remember because I am 100% sure that we are going to hear a lot about him in the future... he is just too good not to become one of the musical icons of the century.

But Rodrigo y Gabriela found him, and not likely to make him leave them soon, not for now at least, but they gave him a little bit of space for himself during the concert, to show people what he is able to do.
Everybody was totally amazed...

Sometimes the best experiences you could do just happen without you expecting them, and this concert for me was one of these.
I think that another fact which contributed to make me feel involved in the whole thing was that I was standing right in front of the stage: no seats and no mezzanine, but maybe the sticky floor contributed to make us breathe the Latina atmosphere.

Impossible to stay still! 
Must try it...but for now I hope you'll enjoy a little bit of the rhythm of Rodrigo y Garbiela looking at the videos I recorded for you: es hora de bailar! 


  1. i've never heard about them... but know i'm curios to know more :)

  2. You definitely should take a closer look at them...they are the biggest surprise! ;)