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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

...Always in VOGUE...

Ciao a tutti!

Here I am, back to the report of my little trips around Europe...
Some weeks ago we've been talking a little bit about Italy, my beloved home country, but now let's move Norther to one of the most various and incredible towns in the entire world.

LONDON is famous for its multiple suggestions, which I had the chance to appreciate at best because of my amazing guide, who is also one of my best friends and who is studying International Relations in the city.

She brought me around to see what you would never ever see as a tourist.
Still, I am sure we didn't see all as it's absolutely impossible...
...London is so big, no, it's HUGE, and even if you live there it will take you years and years before being able to say that you actually know it.

But being with someone who has been living here for months helped.
I must say that in general staying in London gave me several different feelings...

First of all the curiosity that living in such a enormously multicultural metropolis gives you, and which vastly becomes a little obsessive, finally turning into anxiety.
Everything around you is so different, so amazing and so interesting

everybody is running, no one is talking if not at their phones, not a single person seems to be enjoying the fact that they live in such an amazing place...

In a word, even if I recognize the marvels and the charms of London, living there for a week was enough for me to understand how much I LOVE Dublin.
The smaller but happier Dublin, when people smiles to you in the streets whenever you make eye contact with them, and say "sorry love!" if they bump in you by mistake.
The easier Dublin, where taking a taxi to come back to college after a night out doesn't affect you monthly budget and where taking a walk means that you can move all around the city centre and still come back home without taking a metro or die for tiredness...

Anyway, this post is not about my affection for Dublin!
But you'll be surprised to realize that is neither about London..
Well, maybe just a part of London, the lovely Notting Hill, where everything began.

I'll start from the very beginning...
Although being with a london-based friend brought my mates and I to many alternative places, there are some things that you just HAVE TO do if you step in London:
one of these is for sure taking a look at Portobello market, in Notting Hill.
That's what we did, and overcame the shock we had coming out from the metro station (what are these horrible buildings?? Where are the little white houses with the blue doors????) we started a relaxing walk around the streets of that delicious part of the city, maybe the only one where you really have the feeling of being somewhere else, in a place where you CAN relax and just walk without taking on the phone...

Well, while walking I was randomly looking at the windows when something stroke my attention:
a little book shop, which was also selling some old issues of world's best magazines.
On the window, all in front of me in their vintage splendor, many issued of Vogue coming from all around the world.
Some of them were relatively recent (90s) some other interestingly old (70s)...

When I saw that great show in front of me I just couldn't help but run into the shop and look at them closer.
The incredibly snobbish and fake-intellectual guy at the desk accepted to show them to me without the plastic which protected them and I started asking for prices.

I knew that they were too expensive, even if my ability with math is even worse than my capacity of playing american football...
but at the same time I KNEW I could't leave that place without buying one of these magazines.
That was definitely something I wouldn't be able to find in my lovely Dublin (not sure of that actually, but it was the best justification I could find myself before taking out the 18 pounds from my purse!)

So I did it.
And I swear, very few other shoppings I've made in my life made me happier than this one.
And believe me when I say that I shop A LOT! 

The issue I got was the oldest one available in the shop, directly from 1971, and it's AMAZING! 
The pictures, the models, everything is so different from todays issues, which are much more similar to a "normal" magazine, if that makes sense...

In the past, Vogue was not only the best fashion magazine, title which it still preserves today, but also a sort of catalogue where to find the latest creations of some of the most relevant artists of our century.
It was showing us the history while happening, as it portrayed some of the tendencies which became actual pieces of history.

Today finding something new is much harder, and that's why looking at that 1971 issue, we have the feeling that many of the clothes showed are still in fashion, still in vogue.
That is not an illusion! They ARE in vogue, as the new ones which are coming out in the latest collections are nothing but a new way to present them. 

Actually...clothes are not the only thing which sometimes become a CLASSIC and I realized it looking at the adds (VER FEW! Other big difference with the newest issues...)

Another great thing of this old Vogue and which would be good to adopt again for todays issues is the fact that even if Vogue has its own redaction in many different counties, in the past issues they used to give a sort of panoramic vision about what was going on in the capitals of fashion as well.

We are looking at Vogue UK, which is undeniable, starting from Princess Anne's face on the cover, but inside we read also about the new tendencies of Rome and Paris.

And British fashion is not loosing anything because of that.

Why don't they do it anymore?
Maybe because now you can find Vogue Italia in Paris or Vogue USA in Milano?
Why should you buy another magazine if you know almost everything you need to know in order to have general idea?

Yes, this big focus on a single type of fashion smells like a marketing manoeuvre to sell more magazines.
It's actually predictable, as it's so hard to preserve that aura of gravity when we speak about the crisis of the market and the influence of Internet where you'd be able to read the exact same things without spending a single cent.

But I still prefer the amazing sensation that holding a Vogue issue, old or new, gives you.
And like me, many other people feel the same, all around the world.
That's why Vogue will always be different from any other kind of magazines, and in some years another person will stop into a small shop, get the 2012 issue, hold in her hands and be extremely proud of that.
Maybe, she'll write something about it... 


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