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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back to Blog!

Hello everybody!

Here I am, back to my creature, my creation, my baby blog, after a long time.
There are many reasons why I made you wait so much for this post, starting from the little coma due to the various blowouts at Christmas time, going on with the busy exam week and finally a little holiday I've attended with some friends in the old and beautiful London.

But now here I am again, and the positive aspect of this long absence from my blog is that all my travels, from Ireland to Italy and then England, have given me many new inspirations.

That's why I'll propose you some posts manly related with one of my favourite forms or art: fashion.
What else could inspire me in the marvellous and elegant Italy? And then in the edgy and outrageous London?

But we won't talk only about fashion...
In fact, my crazy holiday in London turned to be a sort of semi-crazy-but-also-cultural one, as I visited some of the most famous museums of the city (free entrance of course, I am still a student, therefor still poor and the change from euros to pounds gave me a little heart attack...).

Because of all these new ideas that came to my mind during my absence from my baby blog, I invite you to forgive me and take a look at what follows, even if I know I took a huge risk playing with your patience.
Follow me! And I'll take you in a delicious tour around Italian fashion and English art, but not only...

Are you ready?

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