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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


What's art?

That is maybe the biggest question which has inspired me in the building of this blog, and the biggest aim is to find an answer to it.

For now, I'm still not sure about the difference of what should be defined as art and what shouldn't... BUT as I've already said, I decided to take in consideration everything that inspires me and that demonstrates itself able to give me an emotion...
after all, isn't it the biggest aim of everyone who tries to become an artist?

Looking at everything around me, from fashion, to paintings, to photography, passing through music, I've learned that the first step to accept a new form of art, or something that not everyone would consider as art, is TAKING IT IN CONSIDERATION: give a chance to it, because as the history (and not only the history of art) teaches us, everything that is new and different takes time to be accepted.

Sometimes a long time...

But after a couple of months, a year or even a century, people finally tend to change their mind and what was considered as something totally unacceptable suddenly becomes absolutely indefeasible.

That's why I decided not to close my mind, and my eyes, in front of anything which is supposed to be art, or tries to be, or at least gives me a feeling or makes me reflect...

And after taking a look to Bansky's works, reflecting comes as an obligation.

He is an England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director and painter, and his satirical street art and subversive epigrams which spread in London some years ago are now possible to be seen on streets, walls and bridges almost all around the world.
His technique combine irreverent (but VERY irreverent!) humour with graffiti done in a stencilling technique which makes them different from any other kind of street art paintings.

Someone of you may say: "C'mon! That is not art!", but remember: take it in consideration!
Give Bansky a chance and I'm sure he'll surprise you...because one big part of being an artist is creating your own style, something which makes you different from anybody else, 
and he did.

Personally, I really like his rats.

Again, I can see my readers exclaiming "Wtf??" in front of their laptops...but let me explain!
They have such a strong meaning, because represented as humanize creatures, with the symbols of our society, that because of that appears in a complete different way.

You see: Bansky is actually giving us another point of view, and that's why he deserves the same treatment.
I tried to do it, and I can assure you that after the first weird impression, is really easy to appreciate his work and to see his strange kind of genius...

Could it may be the same of what happened some time ago with a weird fellow called Van Gogh?
Don't know yet.
It's definitely too early to say, even to imagine, what will be the future of Bansky's art and of street art in general;
but for now that we are so lucky to live inside of it, and that we have the possibility to see it developing and growing (or maybe simply disappearing...) we should just take a look, open our mind, and our eyes, and enjoy...

And what about the city we live in?
What about street art in Dublin?
Well...I went around the city and actually I realised that street artist can be very creative and romantic also interpreting the place where they build their works, and not only the general issues of modern society...

(Dublin port, 2011)

What do you think about it?
Let me know about your discoveries in the world of street art...where is the coolest wall in Dublin? Maybe its creator will become the new Bansky, or maybe more...
do you remember about the strange fellow mentioned before? ;)

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  1. The street art is a particular one. lots of people don't appreciate it and they think that painters on the wall are rubbish...I don't agree. I like street art, in particular street dance that, in my opinion, is one of the most important form of it..:)