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Monday, 21 November 2011


Let's move to some music, which is one of my favourite arts and one of the most versatile ones.It's impossible to think about all the kinds of music that exist in the world, and that are sometimes expression of an historical period, a culture, or simply the feelings of the composer, who is able to find in the music the right way to express them, as someone else does with writing or painting...

Music is incredible, because it makes people stay together: how many times have you been enjoying listening to the music with your friends, sharing your tastes and sending songs to each other via facebook?So many times...And it can happen that even if you didn't know a thing about him until one day ago, one of your friends is about to introduce you to the singer who will soon become one of your favourites, or at least a big part of your music library.

That happened to me when, two weeks ago, a friend of mine proposed me to go to Patrick Wolf's concert at the Academy in Dublin.First question: who is Patrick Wolf?Well, I really had no idea about it, but now I can assure you that he is British, young, good looking and gay.

And most of all, even if you perhaps won't believe me, I can bet that he could play every single kind of instruments.

Let me explain it from the beginning...

So, I didn't know who Patrick Wolf was, but the enthusiasm of my friends about this concert made me curious, and that's why I decided to spend 20 euros of my poor college budget and take this chance.That was a pretty strange night: the rain looked like a big shower had been opened over Dublin city, with no stops, and Patrick wasn't the only one performing.No so far, at the O2, Britney Spears was about to perform in front of hundreds of people, in one of her tour's stops.

Must say that not so many people chose Patrick instead of Britney, but actually the fact that we weren't so many was one of the things I enjoyed most, first of all because we were very, very close to him.We could almost touch him, and that communicated to everybody a sense of familiarity with him.That sense of familiarity that you would never be able to feel at Britney's concerts...

"He is looking at me!" said Emilie
"Are you crazy? He is looking at ME!" answered Grace
"Girls you need a pair of glasses, don't you see he is smiling at me?" replied Pauline.
Actually, I think that he was looking at the cute boy near them, but how to brake such a lovely dream...? ;)

The performance was amazing, and even if I didn't know the songs because I've never heard them before, I liked the music so much and, as I anticipated, I was completely shocked from Patrick's ability of stepping from an instrument to another one, with incredible easiness, from the piano, to the violin, to the harp, to another strange baroque instrument, half a violin, half...really don't know what was it.

The musicians accompanying him were incredibly good as well: two women respectively playing violin and sax, and two other men, one at the drums and another one at the guitar.

Amazing M-U-S-I-C, yes, not electronic stuff people, that was actual music!And Patrick is definitely one of the most talented nowadays musicians. That's why, and also because of his funny attitude and the jokes he made with the audience, that after the last song there was another one, and another one and another one, and every time he came out he was wearing a new and incredible outfit, from a golden pearls stuff to a fake (or maybe not!) bird on his shoulder.

Amazing music, amazing singer, amazing night...

And now take a look yourself and tell me what do you think! Have you ever heard about Patrick Wolf before reading this post or you are neophyte as I was?

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