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Friday, 25 November 2011

Have you heard the JACKRABBITSLIMS?

I'm not going to say too much about this new band which is being known around Dublin in these days, because I want you guys to build your own opinion about them...

In fact, you'll be able to listen the JackRabbitSlims every Thursday (next concert on the 1st of December) in Fitzgerald pub near O'Connell bridge...

Who are they?

Well, first of all, they are four normal boys.
Young, talented and with a real passion for music...
And it's maybe this common passion which they share that made them find each other and end up all together building a band.

Their name may sound pretty weird, but it has a meaning: do you remember the movie Pulp Fiction?
Well, if you don't, just watch it, not only because it's a really good movie, but also because you'll understand the reason why they picked up this strange name for their group.

The band, as I said is composed of four boys:

ROB CUNNINGHAM, vocals and lead guitar, whose ability is not compromised even if he drinks a beer or two (or five...) before a performance

DAVID KOZAK at the drums

BRENDAN MARSH at the bass, he could pass unnoticed but his contribute is absolutely indispensable...

CARLOS HALPIN, who plays the rhythmic guitar.

They are at the beginning, but everybody knows how difficult it is to find a place to play at, when you are a new boned band with just a lot of enthusiasm...
Because of that, their various engagements and the different offers they have been made are maybe a positive sign of a future success...

...let's wait and see, and maybe make them sign an autograph for may become really valuable one day ;)

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