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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The time of  bad pictures posted on facebook is officialy ended.
I'm talking about the pictures of the last party you went, the ones you really didn't want to see on the net, but that your bestfriend uploaded anyway...
Maybe the ones that you didn't want your mother (who is now on facebook as well, and even if you don't remember accepting her friendship request, she IS one of your friends) to see are simply too much to hide, but for all the other ones that you know could be better, now the solution exsist.

It's called PHOTOSHOP, and it's the kind of programme everybody was distrustful, at the beginning, but when you try it ones and you start learning its multiple amazing way to make you look good even in the most horrible picture you've ever been taken, you cannot live without it anymore.

Don't lie saying that you NEVER use it, because no one is going to belive you, and even because the answer will be "why not? You should definitely try!".

And that's true, you should, to improve your selfconfidence a little bit, or just to make a favour to your friends (except the one who has uopoaded you ugly picture without photoshopping it properly...)

But here comes a question...what was that amasing and generous man who invented photoshop thinking about?

Was he thinking about our bad pictures who needs to be managed before been looked at? 
Was he thinking about an utopian world where everybody has perfect skin and red eyes are only a far memory?

OR did he maybe have a bigger aim on his creature?

Who knows...but in order to appreciate the programme not only because it makes us feel safe even when we are been taken picture in the moment when we really don't want to, I'll tried to use photoshop for a different goal.

Doing that, I've discovered that it could be funnyer that it seems to manage a picture... Even a really simple one, maybe just a body and a white wall...

So now I'll do something I'm really afraid of: I'll present you the result of my little research in the world of photoshop, hoping that the next time you'll be managing the picture of the latest party you went, the result will be pretty more interesting than it used to be... 

I'm waiting for your comments not only to know what do you think about my pictures, but also to see YOUR personal photoshops! Don't exitate to send them to me, I'm sure that you'll be able to teach me many other things more about it!

Just one more thing...DON'T ASK how I did! Just be sure that if I did it, you would be able to do it as well...

Even a really dark picture which seemed to be irrecoverable, could be brought to life again...

What's more elegant than black and white pictures? And now you don't even need to decide if you should buy a coloured film or not, with digital cameras and, of course, photoshop, every single picture can be turned black and white or coloured again, but not only....

Were all the shadows already present in the first picture?
Take a guess!

When white becomes GOLD!