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Friday, 25 November 2011

Have you heard the JACKRABBITSLIMS?

I'm not going to say too much about this new band which is being known around Dublin in these days, because I want you guys to build your own opinion about them...

In fact, you'll be able to listen the JackRabbitSlims every Thursday (next concert on the 1st of December) in Fitzgerald pub near O'Connell bridge...

Who are they?

Well, first of all, they are four normal boys.
Young, talented and with a real passion for music...
And it's maybe this common passion which they share that made them find each other and end up all together building a band.

Their name may sound pretty weird, but it has a meaning: do you remember the movie Pulp Fiction?
Well, if you don't, just watch it, not only because it's a really good movie, but also because you'll understand the reason why they picked up this strange name for their group.

The band, as I said is composed of four boys:

ROB CUNNINGHAM, vocals and lead guitar, whose ability is not compromised even if he drinks a beer or two (or five...) before a performance

DAVID KOZAK at the drums

BRENDAN MARSH at the bass, he could pass unnoticed but his contribute is absolutely indispensable...

CARLOS HALPIN, who plays the rhythmic guitar.

They are at the beginning, but everybody knows how difficult it is to find a place to play at, when you are a new boned band with just a lot of enthusiasm...
Because of that, their various engagements and the different offers they have been made are maybe a positive sign of a future success...

...let's wait and see, and maybe make them sign an autograph for may become really valuable one day ;)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


What's art?

That is maybe the biggest question which has inspired me in the building of this blog, and the biggest aim is to find an answer to it.

For now, I'm still not sure about the difference of what should be defined as art and what shouldn't... BUT as I've already said, I decided to take in consideration everything that inspires me and that demonstrates itself able to give me an emotion...
after all, isn't it the biggest aim of everyone who tries to become an artist?

Looking at everything around me, from fashion, to paintings, to photography, passing through music, I've learned that the first step to accept a new form of art, or something that not everyone would consider as art, is TAKING IT IN CONSIDERATION: give a chance to it, because as the history (and not only the history of art) teaches us, everything that is new and different takes time to be accepted.

Sometimes a long time...

But after a couple of months, a year or even a century, people finally tend to change their mind and what was considered as something totally unacceptable suddenly becomes absolutely indefeasible.

That's why I decided not to close my mind, and my eyes, in front of anything which is supposed to be art, or tries to be, or at least gives me a feeling or makes me reflect...

And after taking a look to Bansky's works, reflecting comes as an obligation.

He is an England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director and painter, and his satirical street art and subversive epigrams which spread in London some years ago are now possible to be seen on streets, walls and bridges almost all around the world.
His technique combine irreverent (but VERY irreverent!) humour with graffiti done in a stencilling technique which makes them different from any other kind of street art paintings.

Someone of you may say: "C'mon! That is not art!", but remember: take it in consideration!
Give Bansky a chance and I'm sure he'll surprise you...because one big part of being an artist is creating your own style, something which makes you different from anybody else, 
and he did.

Personally, I really like his rats.

Again, I can see my readers exclaiming "Wtf??" in front of their laptops...but let me explain!
They have such a strong meaning, because represented as humanize creatures, with the symbols of our society, that because of that appears in a complete different way.

You see: Bansky is actually giving us another point of view, and that's why he deserves the same treatment.
I tried to do it, and I can assure you that after the first weird impression, is really easy to appreciate his work and to see his strange kind of genius...

Could it may be the same of what happened some time ago with a weird fellow called Van Gogh?
Don't know yet.
It's definitely too early to say, even to imagine, what will be the future of Bansky's art and of street art in general;
but for now that we are so lucky to live inside of it, and that we have the possibility to see it developing and growing (or maybe simply disappearing...) we should just take a look, open our mind, and our eyes, and enjoy...

And what about the city we live in?
What about street art in Dublin?
Well...I went around the city and actually I realised that street artist can be very creative and romantic also interpreting the place where they build their works, and not only the general issues of modern society...

(Dublin port, 2011)

What do you think about it?
Let me know about your discoveries in the world of street art...where is the coolest wall in Dublin? Maybe its creator will become the new Bansky, or maybe more...
do you remember about the strange fellow mentioned before? ;)

Monday, 21 November 2011


Let's move to some music, which is one of my favourite arts and one of the most versatile ones.It's impossible to think about all the kinds of music that exist in the world, and that are sometimes expression of an historical period, a culture, or simply the feelings of the composer, who is able to find in the music the right way to express them, as someone else does with writing or painting...

Music is incredible, because it makes people stay together: how many times have you been enjoying listening to the music with your friends, sharing your tastes and sending songs to each other via facebook?So many times...And it can happen that even if you didn't know a thing about him until one day ago, one of your friends is about to introduce you to the singer who will soon become one of your favourites, or at least a big part of your music library.

That happened to me when, two weeks ago, a friend of mine proposed me to go to Patrick Wolf's concert at the Academy in Dublin.First question: who is Patrick Wolf?Well, I really had no idea about it, but now I can assure you that he is British, young, good looking and gay.

And most of all, even if you perhaps won't believe me, I can bet that he could play every single kind of instruments.

Let me explain it from the beginning...

So, I didn't know who Patrick Wolf was, but the enthusiasm of my friends about this concert made me curious, and that's why I decided to spend 20 euros of my poor college budget and take this chance.That was a pretty strange night: the rain looked like a big shower had been opened over Dublin city, with no stops, and Patrick wasn't the only one performing.No so far, at the O2, Britney Spears was about to perform in front of hundreds of people, in one of her tour's stops.

Must say that not so many people chose Patrick instead of Britney, but actually the fact that we weren't so many was one of the things I enjoyed most, first of all because we were very, very close to him.We could almost touch him, and that communicated to everybody a sense of familiarity with him.That sense of familiarity that you would never be able to feel at Britney's concerts...

"He is looking at me!" said Emilie
"Are you crazy? He is looking at ME!" answered Grace
"Girls you need a pair of glasses, don't you see he is smiling at me?" replied Pauline.
Actually, I think that he was looking at the cute boy near them, but how to brake such a lovely dream...? ;)

The performance was amazing, and even if I didn't know the songs because I've never heard them before, I liked the music so much and, as I anticipated, I was completely shocked from Patrick's ability of stepping from an instrument to another one, with incredible easiness, from the piano, to the violin, to the harp, to another strange baroque instrument, half a violin, half...really don't know what was it.

The musicians accompanying him were incredibly good as well: two women respectively playing violin and sax, and two other men, one at the drums and another one at the guitar.

Amazing M-U-S-I-C, yes, not electronic stuff people, that was actual music!And Patrick is definitely one of the most talented nowadays musicians. That's why, and also because of his funny attitude and the jokes he made with the audience, that after the last song there was another one, and another one and another one, and every time he came out he was wearing a new and incredible outfit, from a golden pearls stuff to a fake (or maybe not!) bird on his shoulder.

Amazing music, amazing singer, amazing night...

And now take a look yourself and tell me what do you think! Have you ever heard about Patrick Wolf before reading this post or you are neophyte as I was?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The time of  bad pictures posted on facebook is officialy ended.
I'm talking about the pictures of the last party you went, the ones you really didn't want to see on the net, but that your bestfriend uploaded anyway...
Maybe the ones that you didn't want your mother (who is now on facebook as well, and even if you don't remember accepting her friendship request, she IS one of your friends) to see are simply too much to hide, but for all the other ones that you know could be better, now the solution exsist.

It's called PHOTOSHOP, and it's the kind of programme everybody was distrustful, at the beginning, but when you try it ones and you start learning its multiple amazing way to make you look good even in the most horrible picture you've ever been taken, you cannot live without it anymore.

Don't lie saying that you NEVER use it, because no one is going to belive you, and even because the answer will be "why not? You should definitely try!".

And that's true, you should, to improve your selfconfidence a little bit, or just to make a favour to your friends (except the one who has uopoaded you ugly picture without photoshopping it properly...)

But here comes a question...what was that amasing and generous man who invented photoshop thinking about?

Was he thinking about our bad pictures who needs to be managed before been looked at? 
Was he thinking about an utopian world where everybody has perfect skin and red eyes are only a far memory?

OR did he maybe have a bigger aim on his creature?

Who knows...but in order to appreciate the programme not only because it makes us feel safe even when we are been taken picture in the moment when we really don't want to, I'll tried to use photoshop for a different goal.

Doing that, I've discovered that it could be funnyer that it seems to manage a picture... Even a really simple one, maybe just a body and a white wall...

So now I'll do something I'm really afraid of: I'll present you the result of my little research in the world of photoshop, hoping that the next time you'll be managing the picture of the latest party you went, the result will be pretty more interesting than it used to be... 

I'm waiting for your comments not only to know what do you think about my pictures, but also to see YOUR personal photoshops! Don't exitate to send them to me, I'm sure that you'll be able to teach me many other things more about it!

Just one more thing...DON'T ASK how I did! Just be sure that if I did it, you would be able to do it as well...

Even a really dark picture which seemed to be irrecoverable, could be brought to life again...

What's more elegant than black and white pictures? And now you don't even need to decide if you should buy a coloured film or not, with digital cameras and, of course, photoshop, every single picture can be turned black and white or coloured again, but not only....

Were all the shadows already present in the first picture?
Take a guess!

When white becomes GOLD!