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Monday, 10 October 2011


This is the beginning!
New blog, first post...everybody is expecting to know something about what I am doing here, why did I decide to open a blog, what is it going to be about...
How to explain it?
Strange title, someone would say,
that's exactly about the meaning of my new baby blog.
I AM on the edge of an bad art breakdown...
that's a passion,
a little obsession
and something I would like to share with everybody.

It's my baby, but also your one, because I hope that this space will be not only a cold corner to express my vanity and my opinion (me, me, me...boring!).
Not at's going to be a free place where everyone who shares with me a little obsession for art in its many forms would find the best medicine not to fall down the edge...

I'll select the best expositions, the most interesting places where to go to satisfy your hunger for art in its many different aspects:
because not only paintings, installations and sculpture are definable as art...
hey, you! We live in 2011!
Art is everything around us, and many new forms are being discover while I am here writing!
That's why I promise that I won't spend all my time here, on my laptop, and I suggest you not to do it:
Take the door, go out and find everything that you think should be discussed here...
But after that,
COME BACK, seat at your computer again and write everything you discovered to me...I will do the same!
Because I am as angry as you, and art is my everyday bread.

Don't be afraid to share your opinion, don't feel excluded if you really don't mind about paintings but, maybe, you have a big talent for fashion photography...
As I said, for me fashion is art, music is art, writing is art...because Art itself is such a big entity, too big to be trapped into a sole definition.
Creativity doesn't have any rule, and that's why I will be happy to take a look at your own performances, even because I'm sure that it will help me not to think about my lack of talent...

So let's start!
I hope that everybody of you will help me in ruling this new big adventure which will take us throuout the world of art and fashion, all together...

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