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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Perhaps she is not yet famous.
But that’s comprehensible, because she is still in her second year of photography at the DIT.
Perhaps she still has a lot of things to learn, but she hasn’t any lack of courage.
 In fact, she is testing herself with a new difficult camera, which sometimes gives her some problems, but she always ends being able to deal with them, because of her patience, and a little bit of struggling.

We are talking about a young girl, Emilie Lynam, who lives at the Griffith College, one of those girls that you could meet at Arthur’s for a coffee, or just see walking in the street with her camera.
She is one of you, but this week she will be the protagonist of the first actual post of my blog.

She deserves it at all, because even if she is apparently not different from other students of photography, she has something.
I’m sure of that, and because of my attitude in discovering new talents, which will be one of my most recurrent activities here, I decided to give her some space, a place where to show a little piece of her work.

So that you can see a preview of her latest project, just between this lines.
It was supposed to be about a community, and what’s more commune then a group of flat mates?
People sharing their house, which is one of the most private things you have, sometimes their bedrooms as well, and it could be hard, trust me.

That’s why, when she was thinking about the subject for her project this promising student of photography immediately thought about her flat mates.
And if they are also a group of good-looking and photogenic girls…what’s better?!

That’s maybe the reason why the pictures are amazing, sweet, naturally, with a little piece of her personal style, recognizable in some looks or locations, like the picture taken behind the plants…

This is you moment Emilie! Here you are beginning to make the world see what you are able to do…

And if you people like her work, contact her, and maybe she will make you a discount as fans of my blog…
But if you like Emilie’s pictures, and at the same time Dublin’s life is too expensive to make such an investment, just leave a comment:

We both, Emilie and I, will be happy and glad to read your opinion…

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