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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


What is street fashion?
An attitude? A way to express yourself? A life-style?

Actually it’s something really hard to define, even because every single country has its own peculiar way to interpret fashion.
But, in order to make things easier, it would be a good idea to focus on just one country, the one we live for example, or on one city.
That’s what I did. Even because, trying to figure it out what it means to be a street-fashioner, what’s better than Dublin, with all its multicultural influences  and its strong personality about fashion, which sometimes  makes Irish young people extremely recognizable just because of their style?
Here starts my experiment: I went through the streets of Dublin, and into clothes shops (but not only!) trying to find something that would be  my definition of the real

Irish street
Conclusion: there is no definition.
But even if the street fashion entity is in a permanent evolution, of course, after all is still fashion with its multiple changes, there are some examples of a particular attitude that become recognizable…
Here they are! So, let’s stop theorizing and let’s take a look at what you’ll be able to find in the streets of Dublin, in a normal afternoon…
Hard to believe? You judge!


A little touch of the 20s style, remembered in the skirt doesn’t hide the grounge nature of this outfit. Big, a little messy, put together with apparent indifference, it’s absolutely studied. Perfect for a young scientist (student of the DIT in Dublin), who wants to tell you: “I don’t have time to think about what to wear!”. (skirt: Top Shop).

Not too fashion-addict, neither common. Maybe you’ll like only one piece of her outfit, but you must know that some of them aren’t as simple as they look like. Most of all, the vintage bag, which gives a touch of old style to the jeans and the jumper, perfectly matching with the French shoes.  Key word: nonchalance.   


This Sweden girl, who is studying fashion design here in Dublin, uses to take her inspiration in little markets or second hand shops, which she strongly prefers to the big brands or chains such as H&M or Forever21. That’s where I found her, between a big jumper coming from a really old closet, and a black turban directly from the 20s.


These two guys are definitely influenced from the vintage oxygen they breath  every day, working in the vintage shop 9 crows in Temple Bar.  
If you are member of an ethical club against violence to animals or PETA, this is not the right outfit for you. Oh yes, the fur is true, and is not the only one available in the shop, but it makes good company to little foxy necks and baby minks furs…sorry for that, it’s just the heritage of a different epoch when having a fur in your closet was an absolute must. Today is not like this anymore, but vintage is sometimes able to bring new life to old fashion, and that’s why we like it!


This is exactly what happens when make up becomes an alive entity which lives on your face. The face it’s like a white paper which attends to be painted. Ok, maybe is not the most comfortable way to go out, neither the easiest thing to do in the morning after an hangover, but the result it’s absolutely shocking. Dedicated to some brave ones who are really bored of their “routine make up”.


 When they say soul mates…
Perhaps I wouldn’t consider those two guys if seen alone, but when you look at them together there is something which makes them look cooler. Maybe the strange combination of a really simple street look for her, a little manly with the big sweatshirt, the colored scarf and the trainers, and him, who is actually really simple as well, but the shopping bag, piercing and tattoos makes the difference.
Sometimes clothes can be incredibly different, depending on who wears them. Think about how would her outfit look like, without her personal Asiatic characters. And think about his jacket, the trousers and the ultra simple white converse, without that tattooed skin…so different!
This is the most beautiful thing of fashion. Is a way to express YOURself, and that’s why no one else would buy what you buy or put it with the same thing you would put it with. It’s not only about your likes, it’s about your background, which lends you to choose a particular color instead of another one, a particular piece of wearing instead if another one, maybe a crazy accessory that no one else would wear, maybe just a scarf because you are cold.
It’s about the color of your hair, of your eyes, of your skin, but it’s not about your race, or your country. There are no racial controversies in fashion, because fashion doesn’t know about war and social issues, even if it’s sometimes conditioned from them.
Fashion it’s pure inspiration. And everybody would be able to have fun with it, because looking for something which fits you makes you acknowledged about your body, your shape, your peculiar characteristics that are YOU. And when you actually find something which suits you, you love your body more and more every time it happens.
And even if someone else may not like what you wear, or what you wear represents only a stage of your life, it doesn’t matter! That’s how you feel in that moment, and fashion gives you the opportunity to tell it to the world, to share it, to learn more about people who are near to you thanks to that.
What’s better?
I don’t know, but I ask you!
Tell me what do you think about fashion in general and street fashion in particular, and if you find some examples of street fashion you think would fit perfectly in this column, don’t exitate! Let me know about them and they will find a place here for sure.
Maybe we won’t be able to find ALL the possible combinations, styles and influences, that’s almost impossible in the infinite sea of fashion, but I’m sure that we would be able to make a good panorama of them, if we work together…


Perhaps she is not yet famous.
But that’s comprehensible, because she is still in her second year of photography at the DIT.
Perhaps she still has a lot of things to learn, but she hasn’t any lack of courage.
 In fact, she is testing herself with a new difficult camera, which sometimes gives her some problems, but she always ends being able to deal with them, because of her patience, and a little bit of struggling.

We are talking about a young girl, Emilie Lynam, who lives at the Griffith College, one of those girls that you could meet at Arthur’s for a coffee, or just see walking in the street with her camera.
She is one of you, but this week she will be the protagonist of the first actual post of my blog.

She deserves it at all, because even if she is apparently not different from other students of photography, she has something.
I’m sure of that, and because of my attitude in discovering new talents, which will be one of my most recurrent activities here, I decided to give her some space, a place where to show a little piece of her work.

So that you can see a preview of her latest project, just between this lines.
It was supposed to be about a community, and what’s more commune then a group of flat mates?
People sharing their house, which is one of the most private things you have, sometimes their bedrooms as well, and it could be hard, trust me.

That’s why, when she was thinking about the subject for her project this promising student of photography immediately thought about her flat mates.
And if they are also a group of good-looking and photogenic girls…what’s better?!

That’s maybe the reason why the pictures are amazing, sweet, naturally, with a little piece of her personal style, recognizable in some looks or locations, like the picture taken behind the plants…

This is you moment Emilie! Here you are beginning to make the world see what you are able to do…

And if you people like her work, contact her, and maybe she will make you a discount as fans of my blog…
But if you like Emilie’s pictures, and at the same time Dublin’s life is too expensive to make such an investment, just leave a comment:

We both, Emilie and I, will be happy and glad to read your opinion…

Monday, 10 October 2011


This is the beginning!
New blog, first post...everybody is expecting to know something about what I am doing here, why did I decide to open a blog, what is it going to be about...
How to explain it?
Strange title, someone would say,
that's exactly about the meaning of my new baby blog.
I AM on the edge of an bad art breakdown...
that's a passion,
a little obsession
and something I would like to share with everybody.

It's my baby, but also your one, because I hope that this space will be not only a cold corner to express my vanity and my opinion (me, me, me...boring!).
Not at's going to be a free place where everyone who shares with me a little obsession for art in its many forms would find the best medicine not to fall down the edge...

I'll select the best expositions, the most interesting places where to go to satisfy your hunger for art in its many different aspects:
because not only paintings, installations and sculpture are definable as art...
hey, you! We live in 2011!
Art is everything around us, and many new forms are being discover while I am here writing!
That's why I promise that I won't spend all my time here, on my laptop, and I suggest you not to do it:
Take the door, go out and find everything that you think should be discussed here...
But after that,
COME BACK, seat at your computer again and write everything you discovered to me...I will do the same!
Because I am as angry as you, and art is my everyday bread.

Don't be afraid to share your opinion, don't feel excluded if you really don't mind about paintings but, maybe, you have a big talent for fashion photography...
As I said, for me fashion is art, music is art, writing is art...because Art itself is such a big entity, too big to be trapped into a sole definition.
Creativity doesn't have any rule, and that's why I will be happy to take a look at your own performances, even because I'm sure that it will help me not to think about my lack of talent...

So let's start!
I hope that everybody of you will help me in ruling this new big adventure which will take us throuout the world of art and fashion, all together...